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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   In The End it doesn't even matter....

Well Folks it's been fun, but now I think I'm going to call it quits. I am going to Erase My site on here, and end all of this. Don't take this the wrong way but this is pointless, It was fun for a while, but now that I think about it I am just wasting my time trying to keep this up. All that I'm doing is putting all my problems out there for people I don't even know, Don't get me wrong I really do appriate the people who actually did take the time to read my posts and add comments, at times they were very helpful and comforting. But now I must move on, I have more important things in my life to be dealing with and I'm sure that you guys can understand that. Good bye everyone!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

   Ahh busy busy busy.....

Sorry That I haven't updated in forever and a day! I've just been really busy again... I had another funeral to attend, andother one of my cousins passed away, I actually got to be a Pallbearer... very interesting...So needless to say i've been spending a lot of time with my family lately...

Let's see... what else... Chris and I really haven't gotten to spend much time together lately, my parents are being riddiculous assholes, so that doesn't make things any easier, I jsut don't understand why they are doing this to me...It makes no sense....

Currently Chris is up in Breckenridge working with one of his uncles...so I probably won't get to talk to him til saturday... I'm sad! Oh well I guess I'll be okay...

Well I think I'm gonna go for now, Maybe I'll post more later...

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

   Survey crap again, but hey this one is kinda cute!

The Perfect Guy

Created by madhatter and taken 18703 times on bzoink!

Hair color?What ever color fits his mood at the moment
Eye color?Hazel/Green
Height?5\'9\"- 5\'10\"-ish
Six pack?yep
Long hair or short?depends
Piercings?as many as he wants, piercings are sexy
Eyebrows?Perfectly shaped
Big butt or little?a mix of both
Chest hair?no
Buff or skinny?buff
Teeth?straight and pearly white
Section 2
Funny or serious?Funny but can be very serious when he needs to be
Party-hopper or more stay-at-home?both
Should he be able to bake or cook?yes
Does he have a best friend?yes
Is it okay for him to have a lot of female friends?yes as long as he stays faithful
Out-going or shy?out-going
Sarcastic or sincere?both
Does he love his mother?yes
Should he watch chick-flicks?on occasion
Would he be a smoker?no
How about a drinking?every once in a blue moon but not to a point where it becomes a problem
And swearing?he can swere when ever he feels like
Would he play with your hair?yes
Would he have more than one girlfriend at a time?never
Would he pay for you when you're on a date?he can, but he shouldn\'t have to
Does he kiss on the first date?depends on the sistuation
Where would you go for dinner?somewhere casual
Would he buy you flowers?for special occasions
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies?yes
Would he write poetry about you?if he wants
Would he use endearments?yes
Would he hang out with your and YOUR friends?yes, sometimes
How about you hanging out with him and HIS friends?the same
Would he walk you up to the door at the end of the evening?yes
Would you hold hands?yes
Section 3
Does he play soccer?no
Water polo?no
Golf or something equally boring?no
Does he surf?maybe
Can he sing?yes
Play the guitar?no
Play piano?that would be nice
Play the drums?yes
Can he keep his room clean?yes
Is he an artist of sorts?yeah in his own way
Does he write his own music?if he wanted to
Does he have pets?yes
Section 4
Does he use the word dude?yes
How about tight?no
Would he watch the sun rise and set with you?yes
What kind of car does he drive?any kind of car he wants
How old is he?17
What's his name?Chris

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   I just want to leave...

I can't stand being here anymore, all everyone does is fight anymore. Last night my mom and Dad got into a huge fight, and I don't even know what started it no one will tell me. But any way it got bad (I won't go into details) and my sister ended up getting involved, which didn't go well either. I stayed in the basement and cried because I was so scared, I wasn't sure what was going to happen, I thought my mom was going to leave. My parents still arn't talking to each other, and my sister has pretty much stayed in her room when ever she is home. It's almost like we have to sneek past eachother and try not to upset someone. I just don't know anymore, everyday just makes me want to leave more, I can't wait to move out. I think that once I do move out, our family will fall apart even more. Don't ask me to explain it, but that's just how it feels.

And now Chris is going back to Arizona in the middle of July. I don't know how I'm going to make it with out him here. I know that watching him leave is going to be one of the hardest things I will ever do. He is my life and I can't imagine being apart from him. I'm so scared of losing him, the thought just makes me sick. I hate to even think about him leaving, anytime I do, it's almost a guarentee that I'll start crying. I mean I know it's hard on him too, He is just as scared of losing me. I Love him so much and I don't ever want to be with anyone but him and I mean that with all of my heart and soul.

I don't even know what else to talk about right now, I'm way too emotional to do this... sorry...

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Friday, May 27, 2005

   I was bored, can you tell?

Ultimate Survey (377 questions long)

Created by illusen and taken 30089 times on bzoink!

time started8:14
full nameKari Danielle Trejo
nickname(s)Kare-Bear, Bear, Lerf, Momma, and some numerous other ones
birthdayDecember 26, 1988
where were you bornLongmont, Colorado
zodiac signCapricorn
hair colorDark Brown with Blonde Highlights
eye colorDark Brown
shoe size10
ring size6
skin type (freckles, tan, albino, etc.)Olive
blood typenot sure
gradeSophomore (Soon to be a Junior)
siblingsOne older sister
tattoosnone yet
piercingsJust ears for now
hobbiesPlaying the piano, reading, and listening to music
colorAny Shade of Blue
candyFruity Candy
type of cheeseI Like all kinds of cheese
pizza toppingCheese and Black Olives
salad dressingRanch
fruitPears or Grapes
vegetableCarrots or Cucumbers
berryStrawberry or Raspberry
cakeWhite with White frosting
movieThe Little Mermaid
magazineUS weekly
newspaperRocky Mountain News
tv showFamily Plots
websiteThw otaku
radio stationKS107.5
fontBlack adder
cartoon characterAriel
artist (painter)Picasso
actorJohnny Depp
actressCatherine Zeta-Jones
cdThe Chicago Soundtrack
songLeaving on a Jet Plane
music groupDestiny's Child
music typeAll kinds
day of the weekSaturday
seasonSpring or Summer
holidayChristmas orr Valentine's Day
phraseooh that's a tough one!
storedon't have one
weatherWarm Rain or bright and sunny
restaurantThe Royal Wok
weekend activityBeing With Chris
hangoutCoffee Houses
house colorBlue
sport to watchHockey
sport to playI don't like sports, but I like to dance and do Yoga
flowerWhite Roses
guy's nameBradly and Wesley
girl's nameEva and Harlee
board gameClue
party gameTwister!
story from childhood"There's a Monster at the end of this book!"
body partEyes
have you ever
been on a trainyes
been on a planeno
been in a car accidentyes, two actually
caused a car accidentno
run into a wallall the time
burned a potato chipno, not that I can think of...
almost burned the house downno
been drunkyes
been highno
broken the lawno
burned a cd (if yes, the one above is yes)yes
kissed someone of the opposite sexyes
kissed someone of the same sexnot passionately
frenched an animalno! Sickos! I'm not up for Beastiality
made outyes
had cyber sexno, never saw a point to it
gotten engagednot yet
had an online relationshipno
been rejected by a crushyes
made yourself cry to get out of troubleyes
cried in publicyes
cried over a movieyes
fallen asleep in a movie theaterno
given someone a bathyes
been to a boarding schoolno
been home-schooledno
lost a valuable itemyes, a ring that my sister bought me
bungee jumpedno
met the presidentno
met a celebrityno
gotten a cavityyes
shopped at abercrombie & fitchno
made a prank callyes
skipped schoolno
faked sick to get out of schoolyes
purchased something that you knew didn't fityes
climbed a treeyes
fallen from a treeyes
broken a boneno, knock on wood
sprained anythingyes, my ankle many times
passed outno
made yourself pass outalmost
been to disney worldno! It's not fair!
been to a theme park (not disney)yes
said i love you and meant it (not to a relative)yes
made a model volcano (working model)I tried
made a clover leaf with your toungeno
what did you do yesterdayWent to school
memory you miss the mostnot sure
memory you want to forgetEvan ~ asshole
something you regretted after it was donewastig my time with ^^^
the last
song you heard"Breathe" by Anna Nalick
cd you boughtLove. Angel. Music. Baby by Gwen Stefani
thing you saidWhat?
time you criedToday
movie seen in a theater"The Longest Yard"
thing you ateBurrito
person who calledMom
nail polish shade wornDark Blue
time you showeredlast night
person who complimented youPaul
at this moment
what are you listening to"don't cha" by the Pussycat Dolls
what are you wearingA teal dress that according to my lerf looks like 1960's curtains
what are you thinkingHow much I miss Chris
what are you scared of mostLosing Chris
how many people are on your buddy list4
occupationForensic Pathologist
marriage siteLake Havasu City, Arizona
place to liveLHC, Arizona
kids2 (Hopefully a Boy and a Girl)
carVW bug
what are you doing tomorrowGoing to a Graduation
do you think george bush will be reelectedHe already was! What a stupid mistake that was, let me tell you!
will there be a wwIIII really hope not
will politics ever be truthfulno
will humanity snuff itself outprobably
can the gov. be changedmaybe
best friendChris
funniestChris and Paul
loudestKelsey or Felisha
quietestI'm the quietest out of everyone!
best secret keeperChris
worst secret keeperFelisha (No offense sweetie!)
the one you have but don't wanttha's mean
most hyperEmily
weirdestall of them are weird in their own special ways
biggest pervertNot sure..
most annyoingnone of them
most religiousnot sure...
do you believe in
heavenNot sure
hellnot sure
angelsyes (I Know it makes no sense)
devilNot sure
godnot sure
buddhanot sure
alienssome days
spirit (soul)yes
love at first sightno
love in generalyes
who and when was your first crushOh geeze!
any nowJust my baby Chris
a celebrity crushJohnny Depp!!
who do you want to be with right nowChris
whos number do you wantno one's really
who do you want to kissChris
what is something you dont understand about the opposite sexnot sure
if you could go on a date with anybody, who would it beChris
on scale of one to ten, how romantic are youI'm not really sure, I guess that should be a question I can't really answer
first thing noticed about the opposite sexEyes
what do you look for personality-wiseSense of Humor, and honesty
biggest turn onGreat personality
biggest turn offself centered
something thay weat that turns you onCologne
something they wear that turns you offwhitie tighties
the most romantic thing you want to happen to youBeautiful wedding
the most romantic thing that has happened to yoummm.... Just being told "I Love you"
what do you wear on a coffee dateSomething sophisticated
is it right to flirt if you're takenno
is cyber cheatingyes
are eyes the passegeway to the soulyes
who would you like to take to the promChris but promalready passed
do you want to hug somebody right nowyes
do you know what an aphrodisiac isyes of corse
melancholyinfinate sadness
the perfect dateromantic and secluded
the perfect mateChris
how m&m's are madenever really thought about it...
why manhole covers are roundbecause they are???
one or the other
glass half empty/half fullhalf full
colored pencils/markerscolored pencils
cotton/feather pillowfeather
long distance relationship/nonelong distance
mechanical/regular pencilmechanical
that 70's show/simpsonsneither
romantic comedy/thrillerRomanic Thriller that includes some comedy
peanut butter/jellyjelly
movie at home/in theatermovie at home
first thing you think of when you hear
red lipsticksexy
moulin rougeThe Greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return
harry potterHot
bill clintoncool
whipped creamyummy
george w. bushIdiot!
lollipopscandy Shop
south parkCartman
boy bandsawsome
girlsbackstabbing whores (with very few exeptions)
deathpart of life
junk mailfun
pantiesVictoria's Secret
your fatherBig scary bear
britney spearsinteresting
are you
bookwormoh man! you don't even know
obsessiveover certain things
patrioticnot really
artistickind of
what color is your jacketI've got a bunch of different ones
do you shaveyes
wherewouldn't you like to know? ^_~
what color is your razorGreen
what size is your bedQueen
what color crayon would you beSee Foam
what are the last four digits of you phone number2517
feelings on abortiondepends
how lond does it take you to showerfrickin forever
what does your screenname meannothing really
thoughts on blonde pop stars in generalif they've got talent, they are fime by me
who so you trust the mostChris
is cussing a necessity in lifeno
how about coffeeno
is the world screwedyes
what something you cant live withoutChris
what time did you fall asleepI don't knw
know what 69 meansyes
how about 143no
can you live without a microwaveprobably
what do think about deathIt is enevitable
where and when do you want to be marriedAs soon as possible, and I thought that we already covered the where part
do you want to drop out of schoolno
why is the sky blueBecause the ocean is
what is a good trait about yourselfnot sure
what do you always think aboutMy future with Chris
what is wrong with your schooleverything
what is right with your schoolnot much, we have some really good teachers
how do you react to changedepends
do you talk to yourselfall the time
what is your opinion on loveLove is the reason for living
can you afford to lose weightoh yeah, I'm a chunk
what color would you dye your haireither lighter or a plum color
best thing anyones told youThat they want to spend the rest of their life with me
what is your reaction to someone telling you you're hotI get really bashful
does being psycho appeal to youno
if you wrote a book, what would it be abouta serial Killer
what would you change your name toI wouldn't
longest crush lasted how longI don't know
tme finished9:11

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^^^Sorry about any spelling errors, I was just having a hard time. I;m also sorry that this is so long, I'm sure alot of you didn't want to read all of this, I was just bored and had nothing better to do with myself...^^^

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