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Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Years Later

Well Hello My Dear Hahaha It's Been Awhile.

College Is A Whole New World & I Love It :] I Wish It Wouldn't End I'm Already A "Junior" Per Say But I May Be Here A Year Longer Hahaha Oh Well More Friends & More Memories <3 How Have You Guys Been?!
I Think You Guys Should Add Me On Facebook www.facebook.com/shayshay852
:] I'm Mostly On There Hahaha

Man Life Has Been Hard But We All Go Through Things I Came On Here When I Was Listening To "Right Here Waiting For You" & Thought Of Alex [[Destinysweetman]] I Miss Him So Much & I Know The Last Time I Talked To Him Was When I Was In Highschool 9th Grade It's Been 5 Years It's Crazy & I'm Finally Going To Visit Cali & I Won't Be Able To Tell Him.....His Otaku Is Gone & Idk If He Checks His Email.....
Love You All Update Me If Anyone Is Still Here LMAO

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

   Senior Year[[Ending]]

Well It's Happening. My Last Day Of School Was May 21 2009 && I'll Be Graduating June 3rd [[AKA: My birthday hehehe]]

Wow can you believe it's been awhile since I posted and I've kept you updated though just alittle big. Man I Miss Alot Of Your One Here =]
They were my big sis and bro and I miss them alot.

I've come along way guys and now I'm really going into the big world.
College starting June 29[[Summer Session For Me XD]]. Can You Believe It?!
Your Little Girl Is Growing Up. I Also Might Get A Job&& This Is Unbelievable I Feel Like Crying Guys T.T
Well Wish Me Good Luck && If You Wanna Still Keep In Touch

Email Me-shayshay852@aol.com[[yes you can aim lol]]
myspace me too sometime-www.myspace.com/animelover852
If you RP Contact Me
www.myspace.com/yumi852, www.myspace.com/chiak852
,www.myspace.com/samadai_satan, www.myspace.comd/yuna852, Last but not least http://www.myspace.com/deidara_akatsuki852[[Yeah I RP as ONE guy hehehehe.
So Hit Me Up. Love You All &&This Is My Last Post Maybe In College I'll Update You Guys But This Is The End For Now.

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