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Monday, September 8, 2008

   Senior Year!!!!

Hey guys it's me shay I haven' been on here in like forever I remember when this site was popular like back in 8th grade lol fours years later though lol =]
well shayshay is finally a senior and will be moving into the real world May 26 2009 T.T I could cry lol can't right now. I have to enjoy my time before I move out lol
HEY yesturday was my five month anniversary with my yangyang(Quan) =] five months WOO were already planning about getting married XD I love him sooo much you guys just don't know it's crazy @.@
but he's the one I know it lol
well I took senior pictures and all and now it's time for me to enjoy my year MY YEAR!!! MUAH HAHAHAHA lol
anywho I will be loving it =] and homecomming(first dance of the year) will be comming up soon got to get my groove on lol =P
well I love you my otaku family I miss youa ll dearly catch up with me at my myspace
and if you want to rp with me add any of my rp peeps
love you all bye =]

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


WOOO what a day day day =)
lets see I found out that I'm doing good in school
hmmm I hugged my onni-san I love my onii-san gosh hehehe he makes
me happy with his intellectual self =) well he talks like he is O.o
then my oppa XD his lazi self think he's getting OBSESSED with the N word =X bad oppa >.<
AND AND I saw my sexy white boy hahaha my AKA my pillow Mr.Brady
Fromer member of the wrestling team O.O means he can pick me up
@.@ I won't go far tho if you throw hahahahaha =D
Then the whole day was regular TILL Health Science O.O
Won't be scrapping my endoreium however you spell it NO YOU WON'T
>=( hehehehehe
Lunch was okay blah blah me Friend And Ebony XD pervertive minds
O.O hahahah but it was fun =)
six was okay just me doing well in Algebra 2 O.o weird hahahah lol =P
after SCHOOL hehehe
I got to ride my old bus home
MS.JUDY!!!!!! hehehehe missed her silly self
and I sat with you know MY SEXY WHITE BOY BRADY YAY!!!!!
=P he had his arm around me and I was just SUPER DUPER hehehe
EXCITED to sit with him again I kissed him on his cheek =X >.>
it was just excitment hahahah he said
"WOAH you know I have a girlfriend right" I said "so what...and?" then he laughed and was like "you just don't give f*ck your like f*ck that!" then he laughed
cause I really don't care =P hehehe
my sister called me that psh like NO!!!
Then they fought on the bus old times >.< rednecks with black kids BAD MIX@.@ sometimes lol
retards throwing crayons -_- my sister was cursing up a storm so was every black girl except me hahahaha =) I was happily sitting with Brady using his
shoulder as a pillow for me =) <3 hahahaha
Then he fought more cursed on and off the bus and Ms.Judy
remember hahah why she was happy we were off the bus XD she said
"tell your bus driver not to take anymore days off no more" and all the black girls except muah ;] said "learn to control your bus!!"
funny funny hehehe it'll never change oh well it was nice to go back
when we rode that bus I miss sitting with my Brady hehehehe =)
nothing wrong with seeing your pillow aka sexy white boy
Before School, During School, &&&&& After School hehehehe =]
well that was my day day so yup might just watch my sister at Drama today
hehe Love you all
DON'T GET MAD AT ME MIIIIIIKE!!!!!! you know I wubber you too XD
>.< lol

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Friday, May 11, 2007

   Here we go again Drama

Drama Drama
why won't it leave me alone
I want it away
gone from my life
let me be
Oh God please -_-

Gosh I almost got into a fight cause of that le girl -_- almost had to beat her up
I ALMOST got suspended gosh
this year has sucked I lost more friends
then I gain
yup I lost three more friends
and I don't really care
it's okay I can live without them
over the years you lose many friends
and you gain few good friend =)
so I'm happy it doesn't matter
I still have the friends that matter
alot to me
I have my family and most importantly
My God Jesus Christ ^^
he's my friend forever and he'll never leave me
always will be by my side
so who cares about drama
do what you might
but I'm stronger than that HA!!!!
=) well I love you all

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Friday, May 4, 2007

   *sighs* still waiting

Yeah I"m still waiting for phu
to open up to me =(
le just shattered his heart
and made him close up
now I have to deal and learn to help him
open back up but you know what
it's okay cause it'll be a journey to the place
I want to be
to his heart =)
so thanks le =P
so anyways my day was okay I guess my
sandal strap popped -_- gosh
it sucked but other than that I was okay =)
so dont worry about me
anways I got to see phu and his wonderful
soft peach skin face heheheh
I will have him as my boyfriend one day
I know it's meant to be I have to be
patience and pray just keep on praying
it'll happy ^^

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


OMG OMG guys guess what my
crush doesn't like his ex girlfriend
He actually can't stand her anymore YES
hehehehe =)

I"m soo happy cause now he can
try and see if we have a future of being more
than friends =) ^.^
he looks at me more than he does her actually
he doesn't look at her at all when I'm around
my friend trivi she's my bestfriend well phu
told her that he couldn't stand his ex no more
and trivi told me =P

wanna no what I did to him today
after the bell rung I had my belt out and
I put my finger out and signaled him to
come to me and he said no thinking I was
going to do something else to him XD
but I grabbed him and held him
than I whipped him on his but XD HAHAHAHAHA
it was funny and he said "nah nah oh nah!"
and me and my friends were laughing
and his stuck up ex saw and gave me a disgusting
look but who cares
and I was laughing saying I told you yesturday
I was going to do that to you
XD hahahaha it was soooo funny I love our
friendship ^.^
now I'm scare that he'll get me back >.< lol =)
oh well I'll just have to see hahahaha


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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

   Awww Man Post Time-7:02PM

awww man is right
man guys see I'm not to type who believes
love at first sight and I take love as a strong
word I don't just say I love you to people I mean
when I say it it's cause I really mean it..

Now the aww man part is *sighs* I think I'm inlove
with phu aka my bear *sighs* see I don't wanna
love him cause that means he has some kind of
power of over me.
Also even though he doesn't notice it but he
can break my heart and I know he wouldn't
do that on purpose since what happen between
him and my ex friend le....
*sighs* oh God I mean I don't know why it's just
that whenever he's around my day just got better
when I touch him I know he's real and he's no
fantasy...and when I look at him I know I'm still
alive cause he makes my heart race and it's just
soo soo I'm soo lovestruck I'm in love
with my bear and I don't even have the guts
to tell him I like him...............

See Today we walk each other to the bus as in
whoever bus comes first into sight XD well my bus
most of the times comes first so I just walk him
and when I was walking him to his bus today it
came first O.o which is a shocker O.O lol so
my friend is behind me and she goes
"tsk tsk tsk" and I look behind me and say bye to
phu as he gets on his bus
and my friend ebony said
"Is that what I think it is?"
and I play around going "why you in my business"
and we laugh and she says "are you guys going out?"
I said "I wish" then we laugh and I go to my bus
The truth is I really do wish tho
I do I do I do.

I remember last year when I would walk my dog
at night I would look up at the stars and look
at them twinkle.. Then I see a random shiny star
and sing the little ryhme
star bright
star light
wish I may
wish I might
have the wish
I wish tonight
then I say my wish...it's been a long time since
I've done that...I might just do that again
I pray and I'll wish for it...
it's just the scary part is I don't know how
he feels about me...I mean he looks at me to and
he responds to me when I call him bear.
He lets me hold on to his arm and he doesn't
push me away I think he actually likes it
*sighs* he gives me signs and I don't know what
to say about them I mean I don't know he likes
me..I mean wouldn't he since he lets me call him
pet names and hold on to him I think he likes
I'm ging to have to find out but I really do
hope he likes me well

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

   In Dream world

hehehehe yeah as by my title your like
WTF well I'll tell you
the past two days have been FCAT
this standernized test every kid in FL have to
take and I need it to graduate >.< sucks

that's not why I'm in dream world hahaha
this is why I have been talking to my crush
who is kind of like my best friend =)
his name is phu hehehehe he's soo cute but then
again I think most asian guys are I don't know
why but I do heheh but anyways we talk alot and
hang out in school alot I guess XD I wish I could
hand with him outside of school but he lives far
and my mom would never let me hang with a guy
unless it's a family member GOSH!!!

anyways I like him alot and he lets me call him
bear hehehe or bear bear it's funny and on my myspace picture is a pic of a girl with a chain around her arm and the other part of the chain is connected to the guy so it says phu belongs to me XD hahahaha he was like "O.O you actually made tha"
I said yup XD well anways we walked together today
I was holding on to his arm and listening to his
music =) and I walked him to his bus XD hahahaha
kind of backwards huh but w/e XD my friend jen
was walking with us and when he left she said
"why don't you tell him you like him"
I told her I can't just tell guys that I like them
like that >.< I don't know I scared of losing him
as a friend =( if I tell him *sighs* it sucks
but I know i will soon =) and I hope we go out
hahahah I'm not allowed to date till I'm 16 tho
-_- mom......hahaha but that's okay I'm gonna try
and make him go to homecomming next year =) and
since I"ll be 16 in June I'll be able to date him
hehehehe =D

well anyways Love you all

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

   Hi my precious Losers =)

How are you all?
Welllllll!!! I"m doing great hehehehe I had french toast earlier for one XD hahahaha and lets see I have a new rp boyfriend
SHHH!!! keep it hush XD j/k =)
ummm and also my brother Alex put up his first
chapter on his story you losers should
go read it
I'm a Awesome Loser who's going to read it after
I finish posting this hahahaha

Well I love you all

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


He's talking to me again I feel happy
my sweet alex is talking to me again I feel sooo happy you don't even know ^-^ well I anyways if you have a RP(roleplay) myspace add mine okay
My rp myspace


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Friday, February 9, 2007


Why doesn't my sweet brother alex(destinysweetman) want to talk to me....my mom isn't around I want to talk to him...I miss him soo much you guys don't even know *cries* he makes me happy even tho we haven't talked in like three years now v.v I still miss him I just want to talk to him

loving someone hurts soo much guys...this school year has been crazy I'm slipping in my grades my a's to b's my c's to D's my b's to f's it's crazy T-T but I know God will help me ^^ and I lost one my so call friends but w/e


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