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I would like to say that I didnt make this. All credit goes to the persone who did.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Today im going to get glasses,and the wierd thing is, im happy about it.It scared my Dad that I was so happy.Well any way....IM HYPER!!And its raining...YAY! Latley ive been looking up Invader Zim and JTHM. I wish I could get JTHM, but I dont think my mom would aprove so....ya...ANYWAY,me and my dad are going to go to the mall and get my glasses at 4. Yay.Okie dokie...gotta go. Bye.
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

   Hello again.
Hey!^_^ Its finaly spring break!Im so excited. Iknow I say this alout, but sorry I havent been updatong. Ill start updating for often,ive just had other things ive had to do. Well any way,yesterday a I sang in my school talent show. The song was fly away,not sure if any of you have heard that song.....well I better get going...bye!
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

   Hello every one.
Well ive had A great week!I used all my money from christmas and bought fruits basket volume 3 and bleach volume 7 + 10! Well I took them to school to show my friends. But some one stole bleach volume volume 10...then my teachur caught t.j pulling it out from behind the book case in our room and snatched it from him. That butt head, thats not the first time one of my manga had mistiriously 'disapeared'... Well thats all I have to say...bye.
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Monday, January 2, 2006

   Hello once again.....
Just got on to tel you guys what I got for christmas.Well I got three pages of stickers from One Piece!Also,I had been begging my parents for a sword, and this chrismas I got one! I couldnt builive it!Not to mention a smaller sword, numchucks (did I spell that right?) and a ninja star like of naruto! So know ive gone from no dangerous things to 4 dangerous things in one christmas. But they said I couldnt use anny of them on my sister. Darn...Lol. Also I got money....Alout of money. First we went over to an old lader thats out freind, She gave me and my sister 10 dollars eatch. Then I went over to my other granmas and got 50 dollars!Then I got 10 more from my freinds house but lost it through a hole in my bag....sorry if it sounds like im braging....anny ways I gave some of it to help pay for this huge printer for my step dads birthday. Also at the new years party we made a bone fire in the back of our friends house. but my stupide step dad got realy drunk and spiting the ice from his beer at me. Then my mom and her friend went in and and my step dad, his brother, and their friend started thoughing bottle rockets in to the fire and making a run for it. The morons were so drunk they for got that me and my sister were there. But I wasent complaining I was fine dodging them.....heh.....well them on hit my step dad in nthe fore head. After acouple of owws he was fine. Then one went past me and Ilooked back and thought it was going to start a little fire so I went over to it ready to stomp it out them the freaking thing started spining around so it almost burnt my foot. So the next day my step dad took my and my sister for ice cream. Acouple days erlier there was an acsudent on the hight way right beside my parents store. Two cars went crashing into eatch other and on guy went flying out of his seat through the window onto the road snaping his neck.And as we drove we drove right over the place were the body was cause there was a yellow thing outlining the body you know what im talking about so the rest of the day I had the gose bumps. Wel ive been ranting on for ever so ill just say happy 2006 every one!
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Saturday, December 10, 2005

   Hello every one
Just thought id update since I was on the otaku. Well todays been strangly boring. All ive had to do all day is watch music videos on the computer, read the back of a cerieal box, watch music videos on the comeputer, watch t.v.,oh and did I say watch music videos on the comeputer?Heh. Well yesterday my friend tony got realy depresed because me and t.j. were playing around and I builve we mad him mad some how....So he was up set and when he gets upset, he does weird things. For instence he started eating his hamburger without his hands and me and t.j. tried are best not to lauf but did. Man were a bunch of imature ideots...then he put his fries of his plate and every time we put them back of his plate he took it of again....then t.j. got one of the fries and put it up near tonys face, why you ask? I dont know...all I do know it that tony flicked at the fry with made the insides of it go all over me witch gave the people I hate a reason to lauf there butts of at me.Also there this evil brat at school. Every time im talking to some one at p.e. she walks up to me and screams shut up and the top of her lungs in my face. she did the same thing when I was humming to myself in the locker room. >< oh how I HATE HER!!!!! Well I builive ill shut up now.
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