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Saturday, December 10, 2005

   Hello every one
Just thought id update since I was on the otaku. Well todays been strangly boring. All ive had to do all day is watch music videos on the computer, read the back of a cerieal box, watch music videos on the comeputer, watch t.v.,oh and did I say watch music videos on the comeputer?Heh. Well yesterday my friend tony got realy depresed because me and t.j. were playing around and I builve we mad him mad some how....So he was up set and when he gets upset, he does weird things. For instence he started eating his hamburger without his hands and me and t.j. tried are best not to lauf but did. Man were a bunch of imature ideots...then he put his fries of his plate and every time we put them back of his plate he took it of again....then t.j. got one of the fries and put it up near tonys face, why you ask? I dont know...all I do know it that tony flicked at the fry with made the insides of it go all over me witch gave the people I hate a reason to lauf there butts of at me.Also there this evil brat at school. Every time im talking to some one at p.e. she walks up to me and screams shut up and the top of her lungs in my face. she did the same thing when I was humming to myself in the locker room. >< oh how I HATE HER!!!!! Well I builive ill shut up now.
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