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Hey, inuyasha29 here!
Welcome to my Otaku. Hope you like my site and all the work Iíve put into it. Thanx to everyone for visiting. Hey, while youíre here, sign my guestbook, drop a comment or just browse around. You can even add me as a friend too. Everyone's welcome. Enjoy your stay!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Current Mood: ^_^ Iím doing great
Location: Dorm
Time: 6:41pm

Hey, Iím not sure if any of my friends still check here but that Iíd check in. So in update on my life: Iím in college now and loving it. My first semesters is about over and I canít wait or Christmas break. Still watching anime of course. Right now Iím into Soul Eater and Gundam 00. Bleach and Naruto are still going on and are kick-ass, lol. Well I wonít say too much until I know people are actually reading this. Until next time!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Current Mood: ^_^ Iím doin great
Location: School
Time: 1:56 pm

Hey guys, howís it goin? Iíve been doin great. Man, its been a while since i last logged in, lol. i do that a lot. lets see...schools been good, family and friends a are good too. oh, i'm taking a web publishing class now. So pretty soon i'll have another. well, thats all i can say right now. still in school so, Until next time!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Current Mood: ^_^ Iím doin great
Location: School
Time: 9:04 am

Hey guys, howís it goin? Iíve been doin great. Been watchin Prince of Tennis lately and Iíve got to say itís a great show. Show far, for all you fans, Iím up to the prefectual tournament (I think its spelled wrong)Ö.lol yea the one right after the district tournament. Anyway Iím really enjoyin the show. If you havenít watched it you should. Some of the English version has been on toonami. Also if you guys know if any great suggestions for a new anime I should watch, let me kno. Well thatís about it for now. Its still early so Iíll be back later. Until next time!

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