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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Current Mood: ^_^ Iím doin great
Location: School
Time: 9:04 am

Hey guys, howís it goin? Iíve been doin great. Been watchin Prince of Tennis lately and Iíve got to say itís a great show. Show far, for all you fans, Iím up to the prefectual tournament (I think its spelled wrong)Ö.lol yea the one right after the district tournament. Anyway Iím really enjoyin the show. If you havenít watched it you should. Some of the English version has been on toonami. Also if you guys know if any great suggestions for a new anime I should watch, let me kno. Well thatís about it for now. Its still early so Iíll be back later. Until next time!

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