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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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unlovedx (03/08/08)

Hi. I saw your username and thought it was cute. I love your site.

Very awesome...
If I manage to stumble into the right places, I'll add you to my friends list.

*clicks on the site*

FUNimation (03/01/08)

:3 hey

Thank you so much for the GB sign. Also for the compliment on my works! >3 I really appreciate it! I really like ur site too. I've never played a Final Fantasy game, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that their cool! XD

=D yesh! Kingdom Hearts pwns. >3
Yep, yep, Roxas is very cool and so is Axel. D< but I hate it when they get paired in yaoi. they r bestest friends sheesh. :O

>D u have a very nice anime list too! ^^ Death Note and FMA r realleh cool!


:D y thank u! ^^ that is very nice of you! I really wish I wuz better at drawing though for my manga but o well. >D I'll just keep trying! ^^

^^ Don't worry, I don't mind! :) U seem like a nice person too! ^^ So can I add u too? ^^

I'll TTYL okay? ^^ cya soon!

DivineJudgement (02/26/08)

God it took me about one minute to literally find your area for the GB signning then i gave up and i couldn't find it. So I did the old school way and just type in the URL and hoped for the best hahaha. And wow thats amazing your a member for less than a year and have 44 pages as opposed to me who's been on this for over 2 years and has only running almost at 100 GB signnings.

Anyways, LoveHina is one of my new favorites at the moment. I'm slowly going back to Negima which got me interested in the author's work since theres was a few comparisons between the two mangas.

From your fav anime i've seen Chobits and thats pretty much it, such a shame because i'm usally into the less popular animes types because its the fun reading the types not everyone can be into because when you do find someone like that its fun with that one person or so. As opposed to like DBZ i'm sure alot of people know it and it'd be very annoying for people to talk about it everyday which probably drive me insane.

BUT enough about me, I see you have like almost myotaku like everyone else's speical design, personally i wish i learn the code for that so i'll hopefully be asking Lys to do that for me. *please help me Lys XD* And your current music at first i thought it was some variation of some chrismas song or something( like the first 4 seconds) boi i'm soo werid anyways thank you for signning my GB and i'll be sure to visit as much as I can from here forth.


TimeChaser (02/26/08)

Hi ^^

Heh, if Geek were a real, paying job, I would be making six figures. But until that day, it's just my unofficial career.

Thanks for the compliment about my anime list. I don't watch much popular stuff, so I take pride in enjoying shows that are off the beaten path. Your list is pretty good too. An no Naruto =P

E-card are about all I can do when it comes to submitting art. There's only a few I've mad that I was really happy with, but I'm glad you like them. I should make some more sometime soon.

Heh, I like to think I'm a writer, but perfectionism and procrastination get in the way a lot of the time and I don't really have anything I've been happy with enough to post online, but I will make more of an effort now that we'll be able to upload fanfiction in Version Vibrant. Perhaps we could read each other's stories and offer advice ^^

I'll add you as a friend now too. Take care and I'll see you around =)

Roleni-Chan (02/25/08)

Yeah I can see that some of my friends are your friends ^_^! Thank you for signing my guestbook and you know my bestest friend in MyO: deadly neko. Im Lily by the way since you have your name all posted there. I wanted to be nice ^_^!

I will definitely add you since you gave your best imression and also you seem like a person I can talk to.

Well hope we can become best of friends ^_^!

Take Care!

kukki-chan (02/24/08)


etto!! thank you so much for commenting my e-cards! i'm glad you like 'em!! ^ ___ ^ etto... i ♥love♥ your site/// especially da song its just too cute... heehee♥ well me has to go!! if you ever wanna talk pm anytime! ^ __ ^ well... good*bye♪

Shottayouth13 (02/24/08)

Hey lovely site you have here. Thanks a lot for your comment, it is greatly appreciated :D

RikuisHOT (02/21/08)

Hello there! Thanks so much for the guestbook signing!

So you saw my comment on DaFeather's site huh? Thats cool :) Im glad you think I seem like a cool person! :D

I love your site!!XD It is sooo kawaii!! XD And the song fits perfect! lol

Oh and thanks for saying you liked my fan art and wallpapers :) That made me really happy! You seem like a really awesome person too!! :)

I think we will get along great, and we like a lot of the same anime so thats awesome! :)

Well, time to go check out your portfolio, and Im going to add you, so I hope we become great friends! :)


Aizen11 (02/21/08)

Hey I likes site so I hopes you don't mind me adding you as a friend. PEACE

Jangalian (02/14/08)

I've come to officially sign your guestbook as my other name too. lol Thank you for being my friend as Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon, and I hope you will come back with me to my old name, Jangalian.


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