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Hey... umm...
(m: This is the introduction. Tell people about yourself)

Right. So... well, I'm an otaku and a Roman Catholic and a vegetarian and-
(m: No! Not the labels - tell them something useful!)

All polarbears are left-handed!!!
(m:*smacks forehead* Let me take over)

Right. I'm the alterego- saynette. m saynette. The fool over there is m-chan. No, she doesn't have multiple personality syndrome. But she does have awesome handwriting, a quirky sense of humour and good taste in music.

Her favourite band is, without a doubt, Nightwish. Currently, her favourite song is Beauty of the Beast:

"All this beauty is killing me

Oh, do you care,
I still feel for you
So aware...

I fear I will never find anyone."

~ Nightwish, album 'Century Child'

Friday, March 7, 2008

I think we're gonna be moving soonish.
To my World on tehO.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   Version Vibrant's Up...
And they've got this thing called "WORLDS" which is like an O. But with more shiny features. So... what's gonna happen to myotaku.com? Will it be replaced with myWorld?

I'm confuzzeled.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

My laptop's internet is fixed! Props for my mommy! Also, she was flipping through the ads and saw a sale- digital camera, $100.00! So... I see that in my near future.

I also see me going to JC's production of Oliver! with Mandi... and seeing C-kun there! It's been so long since I saw him: I called him the other day, and we both agreed to hang out more. It's just dififcult, since we're both busy with school.

Speaking of school, I should probably go back to working on my LCW project. I'm doing a report on how the Brothers Grimm began the sanitation of fairytales. It's pretty interesting! But a LOT of work...

Well. Not really. I have all my info printed out and bibliography typed up... all I NEED to do is add some colour to my poster and paste on the facts. But, since we need to have pictures on our poster and I'm doing fairytales... yeah. It's a bleedin' mural. I'll put some pics up... eventually.

My sister's basketball team came in 2nd out of the 10 teams in their league! Go J-chan's team! She's working on her Maryland Day project, a biography on Anne Arundall. Every so often she bursts into a fit of rage.

Okay. Well. I needed to share my good news. Oh, one more news!

I'm writing a script! Yay! It was really difficult at first, but then I learned how to format everything... makes me feel so professional, having sluglines and diolouge and-

m: yeah... you still haven't named the main characters.

//c . c// Oh, well, I just started it last night... but hopefully it'll go somewhere!

I wish you would go somewhere far away, perhaps an empty desert where, delerious with thirst, you would collapse to the ground and vultures would descend and eat your flesh.

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