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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm back to Jangalian, hopefully with only my old friends from Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon to keep me company. I don't want a million and one people to talk to me, it's why I switched in the first place. I enjoy my friends as Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon, and I am happy with that. However, because of Adam's little seperation, being on the O is a constant headache with two names, so, I'm back on Jangalian! where my wallpapers and crap are. This is THE LAST time I ever move, and you can bank on that. So settle in, sit back and relax, all will be sorted out, or we can just...throw a shoe at Adam.

I'm closing Ikyuu in a week. Goodbye, One Shot With My Soul!

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