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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Since I met Boris, he always wanted to join the army. Two years ago, it would have had a negative effect on him. He wanted to join for the wrong reasons. Now, two years later, Boris has thought of joining once more, but for different reasons and I'm proud of him for thinking it through. The benefits to it, college for both me and him, our children, insurence, stability...ect. There are of course the worries, him overseas...I have a cousin in Iraq right now, and I worry for her, but I know she's very smart and capable. She enjoys what she does, and minus days she has to ruck 7 miles, she is happy about her choice. Possibly within the next year Boris might join, and while it makes my stomach turn when I think about it sometimes, I'm going to support his decision. I'm very proud of my baby.

Boris Alvarado

My number is 334 380 1537. AT&T.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

   My baby graduated!

Dad congratulating me on the walk back to school

I'm so proud of Boris! ^_^ I can't wait to be there for when he graduates and does all the things he wants to do in college!

I love you guys!

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