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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hello, Hello, the Earth welcomes you!

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Hey everyone! I'm so tired.
Kaza and I went to the mall today. I bought her a birthday present(almost two months late >_>) against her wishes! It was an FMA calendar. She got Ed and Al pins and some FMA trading cards(her new obsession is FMA). We had some Japanese for lunch ^-^ It was gooooooood! Then I showed her the new Mac computer with a built in camera(must convert her to Mac XD). Then we went over to Suncoast and I got nee-chan a birthday present (nearly three months late >_>;) which was the first volume of Bleach and I bought myself Trigun Volume 1! I'm obsessing over Vash rright now, and I haven't even finished the manga yet! Kaza got an FMA wall scroll! She is obsessing, I swear XD After which, we went to her house and had leftovers and watched FMA(*snickers*)!
I had fun X3

Which manga/anime do you recomend besides the ones listed in my favorite's list and Trigun?

Well, I'm not going to put up any First Generation, and instead I'll put up yesterday's post below this one. So go read it, and you'll know what First Generation is!

Lot's of Love!
-Miss Hotaru

P.S. If you can't see my background, don't worry. I can't either. I'm trying to make a good one, but it's not working >< dang... oh well

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