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Hi, my name is Caz. I am currently an Otaku on this site and duh, my profile is currently on. I'm a nice, happy, funny, and fairly popular person which I guess makes me cool. I tend to swear and rant alot here when I post but, dont worry it's not your fault(usually). Im just quite irritable and my life has been fairly rough But Im for the most part a happy gal! And Im pretty damned proud and random too! ....love me!!!! :D Oh and I wanna be a comedian so if you got a couple jokes and a load of free time, message me to spice up my material okay?

MyOtaku family:
My mother:
My father: thefall3nram
My best friend(s): UzumakiKitai, pirategaara, animelover12344, Midnighter Des8, chihirochan
My sister(s): Kratos Lover 101/ByakuyasLover354(my twin), Sasukefanoheshot(big sister)
My brother(s): NineTailedFox221(big brother), roxas b(big brother)
My Aunts(s): gamefan44
My uncle(s):
My Grandafther(s):
My Grandmother(s):KoInu Kyan
My rival(s): QT Ryou XX, UzumakiKitai
My cousin(s):Shiroganegirl9021
My pet(s): animelover12344(my cat),Iruka Sensei(my dog) MEUN(my cat), AnimeAngel1993(my monkey)
My Guard(s): Marth Vader64
My boss: stargazer65(the overlord)
My master/uke: pirategaara

Oh and also here are rules or thingies like that(don't really know what the fuck to call them exactly):
1. This site is very yaoi and yuri friendly. Yes, I love them both equally and am bisexual, be nice about it when youre here.
2. Chain letters are a no
3. No using my comments box thingy as chatbox this's happened before and it's really confused me.
4. I love swearing and stuff so don't ruin it for me and tell me it's "vulgar" In fact if you don't like it, you shouldn't be here in the first place. And don't say I didn't warn you.
5. I don't like emoes, pessimists, or Anti-bush. Please, be patient if I can't take your crap if you're like that. (I'm an irritable woman)
6. I'm not really a "techy" type person, okay? To be quite honest I'd rather be amish most of the time. Please, avoid talking about any new devices around me. I can't keep up with alot of things like that, nor, am I good with gadgets.Oh and bands too! Im not 'up w/ the times' as you (crazy)kids would say!
7. Flames WILL NOT be tolerated. I work very, very hard on my pieces.
8. When you visit to see a post its expected of you to comment.
9. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Soi Fon

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