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Friday, November 21, 2008

Soi Fon

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I cant read comments, sorry.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soi Fon

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Like my new layout?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hmm. :/
Soi Fon

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The other day I turned off my profile here but I think I shouldnt have. Im still not coming back very much. Ill probably just submit e-cards from time to time though.
Thoguh i wont answer PMs or respond to your comments or update my world. All I really have time for is DeviantArt and its the only place my friends go anymore anyways.

Well my life is going well. My boyfriend just bpught me some Pokemon plushies for my birthday. Theyre so cute! I named them "Itachi Mercutio" and "Stinkers McPoops".

I'm 15 now. Huzzah! Still being treated like an adult though but hey what else is new?

Oh and I have some piano key socks and a matching tie now. Im wearinf them both right now.

And for a long time now Ive had this haircut but nobody has comemnted on the post where I said that.....
But yeah its 10 inches shorter.

Also this week im going to Duluth for a bit then up to the Lake of the Woods to see my grandma in the care center(the one who had a stroke). So Im busy and Im only coming on here monthly so...ummm....yeah.

Add me on DeviantArt. My username there is Homsar88 as well.

Latest works here:

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Updates on my life....
Soi Fon

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Like I promised(if some of you didnt know Id said come on here(occasionally) to post about my life.

1. Well, words gotten out about me and my bf having sex because I told animelover12344 something shocking(thats wasnt true) as a joke to see how she'd react. She kind of misconstrued it and then told chihirochan who told her boyfriend. I am annoyed that another perverted comment of mine was taken the wrong way. When will people just understand that I do these things for the attention?

2. My birthday is coming up in 5 or so days. On my birthday I turn 15.

3. Next summer my mom's going to let me get my permit. So Im both and excited for that.

4. The X Files movie is coming out this Friday. I could honestly just cry. There's a bit of conflict though because my mom is being sore becuse I'd said I wanted to see it w/ my dad on the remiere instead of her.

5. I am turning into a little, mini Kathy Gryffin.

6. Ive been having consistent dreams where I am slightly floating and levitating. So often Ive been thinking i can.

7. Also, Ive gotten to talk to my friend Addison more again because we havent really kept contact much over the summer. Ive been trying to make it up to him by designing things for him. I've also promoted his boyfriend's band recently too.

8. A buddy of mine got AIDS. I feel really bad for him....I can just barely speak of this I'm so sad....

9. I just cleaned my room. *is an old bearded prospector though from all the time spent on it* Yehee! Gold! Gold! *dances*

10. Im going to get my boyfriend to think I have pink eye today when he comes over here. I have part of a ball that Im sticking to my eye and stuff. It's hideously ugly but thats why Im doing it!

11. My lyrics are a million times better and my artwork has improved a little.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soi Fon

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Ive decided to start posting here again from time to time on here again. Nothing else. Just updates on my life.

1. I have a boyfriend now and he asked me for *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*. I said yes because I'm ready. I'm not so sure if he is though....haha. If you dont know what that means it means sweet lovin'! Sorry that you were confused Grandma Rishi.
Heres what he looks like. <3

2. Ive seen the movies Constantine, Indiana Jones: The Crystal Skull, Pan's Labyrinth, HellBoy, and some others that I cant remember at the moment....

3. I have this HUGE pair of sunglasses now.

4. I stayed up near Canada most of last week to visit my grandparents. It was rough but my grandparents tried to cheer me up by buying me some cheap boots and picking me a daisy. Heheheh....it helped....>//>

5. I got a new INCREDIBLY SHORT haircut which is layered right now. It looks pretty.

6. I am now addicted my own perfume and wear it and snuff it constantly.

7. My glasses are lost.

Anyways, I miss you all a lot but staying here has caused me too many problems and it's not the same here anymore. Visit my deviantart account to chat w/ me more. I dont take my messages here anymore.

My email is:

My DeviantArt account is:


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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Soi Fon

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ell guys I hate to say it but, consider this site officially abandoned. I have nothing to come on here for and nor am i happy returning to this place. I dont even like helping my friend Addison design on here.....

Also, my girlfriend dumped me. It's all good though. I didnt even cry or anything. But Im not looking to be in a relationship rght now. so you know.....

Good bye.

I am
LadySpice on NewGrounds
Homsar88 on PhotoBucket
xx39purpledinoaursxx on Yahoo! Messenger
XXGot NekoMimi?XX on AnimePaper.com
Homsar88 on DeviantArt
xxlock piquedxx on AOL messenger.com

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soi Fon

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Ive just realized Ive been being stalked on here for a long time by someone over 18. He's supposedly married and a dad to someone's kid. I'm really freaked out. I may have to get a new account on here to be safe.....or maybe Ill just be off for a while. All I know is, I really need to hide away some where. Ill probably be on NewGrounds for a while. My user there is Lady Spice. Look me up if you ahve an account there.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Soi Fon

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Well it's come to my attention that most of my friends profiles are off. Ill only keep my good friends on my list tghose who havent turned off ther sites anyways.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Soi Fon

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As some of you may have noticed, Im not on nearly as much. Ill mostly be here to PM occasionally and update on my life every now and then. I may comment but only if people post the days i decide to come back on. But for the most part, Ive lost attachment to this site. Ever since Version Vibrant, things were never the same. Im sorry everyone.

As for updates on my life....

Things have been going good. Ive been casually dating a nice girl named Bobei. And Im really excited it abotu it! This really feels to me the way a 1st relationship is supposed to feel. My real first one was so full of drama and the person still wont admit he caused most of it but whatever. He was too normal, depressed, and wrapped up in himself for a person like me to bare, thats all. My mom approves of Bobei, she also approves of me being bisexual!

I also saw the movie The Forbidden Kingdom this weekend w/ pirategaara and Couch. It was a bad movie but much like the movie Dragon Wars, it was so bad it was good. I laughed my ass off so much at the theatre!

For an sssingnment Im writing a play about the Civil War w/ my friend Katie. Too bad the teacher says it cant be really random.....

I have detention now as well for being late.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

   Anime Detour!
Soi Fon

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Yesterday and Saturday I went to Anime Detour! I rpomised pictures I know but I didnt have time to get a camera or even a cospaly ready. Thoguh I did buy lots of stuff there and got to hang out w/ a bunch of my friends! I got:

-A Light From DeathNote keychain
-An Ishida Uryuu from Bleach Keychain
-Hikaru and kaoru from Ouran plushies
-a human sized cat collar
-A Polysics CD(They're the Japanese Devo! And no its not an Anime and yes of course SDevo is a good band. Why would I be listening to them otherwise?)
-Yaoi=Love and Yuri=Love buttons
-Ishida and Linali(d.Gray-man) buttons
-A Tama from Keroro Gunso plushy
-A Kero from Keroro Gunso plushy for Dan

Funny con experiences:
1. As soon as I saw that Sai cosplayer I ran right up to him and said "PENIS!"(yes I screamed) and ran away.
2. When pirategaara, Jilly, Heather, and everyone else went to do their Hare hare Yukai dance pirategaara wore her schoolgirl outfit over her Demyx costume.
3. I asked pirategaara if i could kiss her face and she let me. So i frenched her right on the mouth and she started flailing her arms and freaking out because she thought I meant her cheek. It was hilarious.....and delicious. *winks*
4. There was a guy at the conventon who had music playing from his pants.

Also this weekend I got to skip seeing moms relatives for 3 days and got to stay alone w/ my dad at his place for a while. We went out to the mall and saw the movie Vantage Point. It wasd an okay movie. It was entertaining but mostly explosions and shit really.

And earlier that week I saw 21 w/ my mom because of the sexy actor in Jim Sturgess. I love that man. Anyways that movie was okay too. It was entertaining and funny(especially Choy ther thief). *laughs* Thoguh after a while it got boring and cliche. And the Asian chracters became useless.

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