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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting into the swing of things again...
You know, after reading that title I should probably change the title, what with the massive playing of a certain game I got, that's brand spanking new. I decided to try out Bionic Commando Rearmed, and I'm hooked (dammit, another pun). Basically, you're a special ops agent in search of your organizations top soldier. Sure the plot didn't change too much from the original, except for the content a little, more on that in a sec. Now for the Bionic part of the game, which is pretty much your entire arm, and if used properly can get pretty much anywhere you need to go (you can't jump). It's deceptively fun, and the challenge mode is classic 80's-rip-your-hair-out hard. Although today, and I hope I'm not jynxing myself, so far I hold rank #1 on IGN's hidden, first to do it also.

Oh yeah, the minor changes about that game. Back when it first came out, it was basically the same gameplay wise, except instead a nameless enemy, you fought Hitlers minions. Yeah, you heard me, Nazi's were the enemy and all that jazz, and when you finally fight Hitler (who was resurrected by the enemy) you end up blowing him up to bits. Literally, head asplodes, but not too graphic...on the NES anyway.

Well, that was my attempt at starting things off on a good note. Nothing really happened today, other than heavy rain that I couldn't enjoy. I had dinner in the car and I wasn't gonna let it get cold. Then again, the only reason I even got it was because I had coupon for it in my Soul Calibur manual. I...don't know why it had one, but the spicy chicken was worth it.

Anyway, I don't know where to begin, so I'll probably lay off the ranting of whatevers going on in the inner workings of my mind or something. As for work, I get payed...ok I guess, but the thing is, I've been here for almost a full year, and I'm still treated like a peon.

Bleh, gonna check on my records, and get some sleep.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Blah, there's like, no ambience here...
(Okay, I need to stop being distracted by other windows.)

Ah, just got out the shower, fan is on, got a nice cool breeze going on...and the noise of a blender on this cursed TV guide channel because nothing is on, and I need some BGN (Background Noise in case you're having a brain fart). I think I'm gonna start off by responding to last posts comments, which I need to keep a closer eye on. Yeah, I'd be on every night if, I dunno....FATE would allow me, but you know what keeps me from doing so.

Yes, another short paragraph of me venting, but I gotta or else I'll asplode from RAGE (I need to stop that). I've officially come to the conclusion that the work I do is totally meaningless. Here's the dirt, I'm actually taking care of broken glass and frames and stuff when out of the blue one of millions of the managers here says, "Oh, I've been looking for you!" I sigh, and slowly as usual give her a heal-hearted "What" as I follow her. She pulls up a chair, gets someone to drag out a shredder, and drops off tons of stacks of paper, and assigns me the task of watching an open door. Oh, and to shred as much paper as possible. Mind you I'm still holding broken items in my hand, and ANOTHER manager walks by saying, "No matter, don't leave that spot, even if you have to clock out", and by clock out obviously I couldn't leave on time. Time to cut this shorter than intended, and just say, the things I do don't matter, and I don't even have the urge to walk tomorrow. I ALMOST know how a certain person feels, but for completely different reasons, I just wish I had a job where I made a decent difference / I'm not the whipping boy.

...I said I was gonna start off with responses...man I'm bad.
Starting off with good ol' Angel, negative on catching Z's. I hit the hay at like, 4am and woke up at 8 for no reason. Just shot up in the bed, saw the time, groaned, and layed back down until it was almost ready to leave. Well, gave myself an hour or two, but eh. I'm bad at splitting my time up for things that are important. Like at this very instant, its 3:09 a.m. and I should be sleeping, because I have work from 12-5 today. But again, what with today being utter "ugh", I've lost the urge to even bother. It's my friday anyway, so I'll probably use my time applying in other places so I can hopefully get a more flexible schedule, because despite having no life, I'd like to get home before 10:30 at night, and basically having to go to bed right away (which I haven't) if I want decent sleep, but, you know the deal.

Redmoon, the only way for me to have a start at getting better would probably be hypnosis. Shame you have to believe in it for it work, or so it seems, because I wouldn't mind fogetting a majority of this emotionally baggage on my back. Not getting involved in the parental dispute made no difference, but it DOES effect you in one way or another. It pretty much ruined my view of marriage and relationships and all that jazz. I already didn't think too much about them in the first place, but thanks to them I'm almost at the "Why bother?" brink. But there's probably an exception I'd make, but that's like, a 1 in a million chance if that. Not to sound pessimistic, but I used to sound happy? Probably, but I had more OOMPH I think.

Blane, you're new, so I'm gonna have to visit your page or something, because well, you came outta nowhere. Thought you were someone I knew, because you had Hoshi in your name.

I'm slowly forgetting what all I was saying before I answered those. I guess I could try to make some sense on my own then. Um, I finally got a 360, my sis is crazy, I still have to pay to take that test, and...think that's it. Time to end this night with a fancy glass of S.Milk, not like the night can get any worse than what already happened, right?

(I'm a bad guy, aren't I?)

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick Post
Yeah, I was kinda out all night randomly fixing crap up and well, I didn't get home until like, 3 or something, so I had no time to get anything ready. That and well, I was uber tired.

So I'm gonna try and get away with this post until tonight, provided I make it through the night.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another late night of the same thing...
Yup, another droll (proper use? who needs it) night over here at yours truly home. Well actually, no, there's actually something going on downstairs. My sister has some friends over and they're watching movies or...something. I'm not too sure, I was too busy finishing off the last the milk. I'm pretty sure I haven't said this before, and even then, no one would've remembered I think. But...I believe I'm a strawberry fiend. A freak for strawberry related things if you will. I'll probably go into that in a while, because its one of the few things I can probably talk about and be glad about it or whatever. Oh yeah, Thursday...another work week for me, yay.

I know I'm gonna sound like a bad employee or whatever, but I'm surprised I'm still working at WallyWorld. It's been at the point to where I've actually stopped caring about everything related to that overglorified conglomerate, or whatever the hell it is. (Crap, guess the more I rage the more likely I am to curse) I've been coming into work late, by like ten minutes, and while its not enough to screw up my punching in, I still do it, because well, its a mental drain. Maybe if I was treated like an employee and not some grunt/peasant I'd probably give a damn. Meh, that's my ranting and venting on this subject for tonight.

So yeah, the whole bracket deal, while it was a good idea on...data, or paper or whatever, it was just....meh. Speaking of which, I may as well direct this to you two, you know who I'm talking about. /cough Zakuro & redmoon
...I got distracted, I made a new window and well, got myself playing some flash games, touhou style, poor Flan. Anyway...I completely forgot what I was gonna say next...Oh yeah, guess I could rant on the strawberry deal. Apparently I need them....badly. If its flavored like one, I'll take it, if tastes like, obviously it'll be devoured. >_> And well, I'm not gonna eat drink it, but shampoo counts also. Bleh, thought I'd have more to say on that, but I guess not. Can't beat boredom at my levels, so I guess I'll stop here.

Oh yeaaaaaah, now I remember, Zakuro and redmoon, ya'll are the only who've updated on my list recently, or this month rather. Time for me to try and find new fellow otakuites....if I knew where that page was that is.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like an elderly person and their guts, I too wish to be regular again...
Okay, maybe I went a little too fa...no, nevermind on that. I just got back, I should take it up a notch, despite it possibly offending someone....SOMEWHERE. Oh the things that need to be said and the things that need to be typed...my god. I...I think I have to "oil" my hands or whatever (you know, like the tin man and his joints) because I think this one might ppossibly be a biggun, although only like, one person will read it all the way through. Kudos to you whoever you are, and whoever else that attempts to 1up them.

First things first though [kicks TV off button] that's actually an improvement. Now if only I remembered how to change this annoying font, where the hell is my Arial [searches tool bars], bleh, whatever IE, lucky I'm too lazy and forgetful to download Firefox. Yeah, I'm rambling and getting myself warmed up for what's possibly an unnecessarily long post. You're probably wondering why there are brackets all over the place. For those who know me, I guess, you'd probably already assumed that this is the crap I'm dealing with in real time. Which you'd be correct, as I'm a predictable sap. [Fixes Touhou playlist] Was wondering why the music suddenly stopped...anyway, I'm gonna get the lame outta the way first.

I'm not the first to say it, but take what you can get job wise [typed and retyped boss right there so many times, I blame the current track playing, 恋色マスタースパーク Love-Coloured MasterSpark] because you'll end up with crap. By crap I mean being on the business end of some jerk, or group of jerks, massive ego trip. Being a grunt sucks, and being one at Wal-...I won't even give it the satisfaction of being properly addressed. Freaking WallyWorld is a horrible place to be an employee when your area doesn't matter. Furniture is my supposed area of work, but every other boss there has some kind of lame task for me to do, that it makes me wonder why I even bother clinging to this job. Bad enough that I have to lift a ton of heavy junk for the masses, but to also have to do that SOLO or with the customer themselves (provided they're not lazy as hell), which is against company policy. Doesn't bother me any that the customer is willing to help more than associates who're supposed to help with tea...


It's official, I need to somehow make myself a little reminder, so that next time I start talking nonsense like this, I'll remember to not get carried away. I mean, yesterday and today are my days off, and I still have so much pent up rage towards that place it makes me wonder how I haven't gone off the deep end. Oh yeah, that's right, because I'm not a complete fool and know when to stop before things get out of hand. [Copies all that's been written] Already know karma is gonna hit me, so I'm playing it safe. Anyway, I should be ranting about the crap at home. You know those things that happen in life that make you think, "Gee, that won't happen to me"/"Hope that doesn't happen to anyone I know", fate decided to hit me upside with one of those and behold, parents are divorced. Not a shocker to some, but still, when you think everything is fine, let one thing ruin that, and then more and more things pile on. I've been told things that are clearly none of my business, and I've done everything in my power to keep it like that. But hey, they're parents, they'll pull the "I don't want you getting in the middle" only to find out that, as one of my favorite sayings go, "ITS A TRAP!!". Could've been worse at that point and time, I could've been the errand boy between each of them, which would've been, not cool to say the least. Looks like I'm getting too tired to rant as much as I had planned, and so much for going to that morning testing period.

College sign up wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but traffic was a pain, along with the though of having to cough up another 30$ only to get back to the half way point. Yes, my tank is half-empty fyi, none of this half full stuff. That would be the overflow of rage seeping out. Apparently, I'm wrong for pointing out things and blatantly stating it. [Realization] Crap, I really hope I don't have the same classes as some of my co-workers, that'd....I dunno, I'd have to restrain myself from being too blunt or else [flicks a dominoe], that effect kicks in. I guess I have her prying too much to blame. But answer me this: (if you actually read everything up til now, I'm shocked)

Say you're at work and aren't too thrilled about the people you work with. You clock out and decide to eat the nearest place of said clocking out...ugh, McD's. You're minding your own business and eating and suddenly an assoc-excuse me, a "friend" notices and decides to sit with you / eat with you. Do you...

A. Start a conversation
B. Let them initiate one
C. Say something short and finish and leave
D. Ignore them

Just a [damn, no fade out on music is annoying] what would YOU situation, just to see what else you all (read: the few) would do. I think I'm dragging on too much though, as I'm getting tired to typing...that and its 3 in the morning here. One thing still bothers me to no end though.

Does anyone remember how to make you background just ONE image? Not all wallpapered, because that hardly works in my cases. Anyway, time to pass out now.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Ugh...I should REALLY be going to bed right now, since I kinda screwed myself over regarding my work hours for tomorrow. Here's the situation, I'm given the option of staying at my normal hours and being responsible for a HUGE section of the store (Furniture [MY area...gawd], Houseware, Stationery, and Domestics); or come in early, help organize some badly organized shelves, and be done with it. I thought about it for a while, and decided to screw over the people coming in later to "close" (this Wal-Mart never closes).

But wait!

After I decided to come in early, someone decided to throw a friggin' tool box (yes, a tool box, not a wrench) into what could be called the gears of my master plan. Change of plan by my quack manager, and I'm stuck with a SPLIT schedule. Yeah, gotta wake up at 7a.m. (which means like, 5 or so hours of sleep...barely) and leave at 11a.m. Then come back at 6p.m. and leave at 10p.m. Something contradictory to what Light Yagami would say...Not as planned.

Other than that, not much has happened at work, other than actually being a funny guy. Awww...which reminds me, I forgot to take a picture of that awesome bag of chips with the innuendo. I'll try to get it tomorrow, hopefully no one has moved it. Back to the me being decent company though, which is amazing to me to be honest. I....guess this would be a sign of some sort to try and be more outgoing in person, but ya'll aren't in Texas so it's kinda with the whole distance thing between us and junk.

But with all good there's usually a bad equal to or greater than that to balance / trump said goodness.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, it snowballs into more and more bull. I don't even know where to begin really. I could try the start, but that would apparently be going back quite a few years ago, back when I was in Germany and stuff. I'm probably better off trying to talk to someone about this, because I kinda don't wanna have this ALL the way out...but if I don't (not even vent) just talk about it, I'm probably gonna end up losing it more than I already have. Gotta end this here because it's midnight, and I need to get SOME sleep I suppose.

Eh, thought I'd ask or something, better than sending a random pm to someone I know (it'd be someone I've known for a while here, but still) and they'd be all wth?

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

An endless cycle
Yup, in another one of those, super...BLEH moods again. One of those moods in which you feel you can't get anything done, or you just feel like everyone else (i.e. friends) are just getting doing things on purpose just to get to you. Which in my case, they were, but I got back at them.

Might as well respond to the comments right now before I get too tired.

Ani Mae: At times, it feels as though it might as well be in my case. All I got going for me is work and college soon. Other than that, it's gonna be routine after routine after routine. I might look into becoming a hermit or something at this rate... But yeah, I miss the old Smash Bros. and I haven't had time to even find my old 64 controllers. Anyway, good luck with your computer troubles, and try to get an ex-hardrive, can't have all your awesome art going poof.

princessanika: You seem new, say hey there. And yeah, it counts, one of those sweet sixteens I keep hearing about.

I forgot what else I wanted to say, other than...no...I've forgotten for the most part other than some random shenanigans in Brawl. Downer for the most part though in reality, so I'm gonna go ahead and do some Caramelledansen (you heard me) and go to bed.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another milestone in my life I suppose...
For the past one hour and forty minutes...or however long it takes me to finish this post, I've been 21. Doesn't feel any different than what I was a few hours ago, but I guess this age hasn't "settled in" I suppose.


Anyway, trying to think of something I can rant on for I guess a few. Been staying up until 2am for who knows WHAT reason. I blame insomnia, SSBB, and lack of wanting to go to work the next day. Yeah, still got the wally-world blues and constantly walking up and down the same aisles looking busy. I'm getting along with SOME of the co-workers...I should say all rather, the only I can't stand is my manager, mainly because I can hardly understand him and he assumes everyone has the IQ of their shoe size. Sounds a little mean, but that's as much sugar coating I can put on that tidbit of my opinion of him.


Another thing to think up...oh yeah, I've been watching a little too much NicoNico Douga videos, because the videos are addictive. Especially the ones labelled MAD...well, they're awesome, and some are just "wtf" if you will. Here's one starring the Vocaloid characters, if you wanna know more about them...well, good like finding ONE place to find a lot of info. Wiki is no good, and google is your only hope.

Hopefully it still works what with the site being the way it is and stuff. I think I figured how why my pm never got to anyone, but that's because I keep forgetting about VV.

Well, I dunno what else I had to say, so I'm gonna ahead and try to comment before I go to sleep finally.

EDIT: My faves are the 3 on the top, Akita Neru (top right), Yowane Haku (top left, aka she's drunk), and Hatsune Miku.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It sucks being the only otaku in your city...
Seriously, among other things that have been going on here, you'd think that there'd be someONE out here in this town (aka ROAD that goes past a lot of conveniently placed buildings...thus "town" was it dubbed) that shares one of my what I thought was common interests. Example, the fact that I've been watching...rather, downloading a bunch of new anime to watch, and I've got no one to discuss that with. I mean, sure they may not have seen it, but at least they'd be able to go "Ah, I might check into that.", and not "wtf are talking about?". I'd put up the list of stuff I'm getting ready to watch / marathon in the near future, but I'll save that for last for those that skim.

Some of you are probably wondering why I haven't tried contacting people here. Well, due to me absent for god knows long, I'm completely clueless as to whats happening to the O. I'd read up on it, but you know, more stuff keeps coming up. And by stuff I mean finding massive amounts of Haruhi / Haruki (yes, there's a difference, but I'd rather go into detail only if you're interested, so yeah, good luck pm-ing if you are...because I sure as heck can't) pics and 4komas. Probably should've left that out the parenthesis, but yeah, I'm having horrible luck with pm-ing and comments, or I need to read up on what's going on and find out how to get around all this. /shrug

Oh yeaaaah, speaking of downloading, I'm back into doujins again. Mainly Touhou at the moment, but they're the FULL games, not just 3 lvl demos, so its awesome. Although I got Bad End No.3, but hey, I didn't know the boss was gonna go on a straight up shooting spree for a full minute (that feels WAY too long when you're under fire and your character is literally grazing the edge of bullets and lasers. Also, if you haven't already, try to check out some clannad on youtube, the game or the anime, both of which are good. Game isn't really a dating sim, more of a visual novel with ups and downs...depending on who speak with more (no matter what Sunohara usually gets owned).

Well, other than waiting until Saturday night and staring at an inactive MSN window, I've got nothing to do BUT search the web for more Haruhi-ism, at least until the O is more on its feet again. I'm gonna attempt to comment tonight, and hope for some better luck.

Oh yeah, that list:
Clannad (still going)
Lucky Star
Higurashi no naku koro ni (and Kai)
Air Gear (still getting)
ef, a tale of memories
Pani Poni Dash (just started getting)

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bored to tears...I think...
Yeah, few seconds ago and my eyes almost friggin' exploded into tears or something. I think I'm gonna try and get some pm-ing done, or whoever reads this, pm me, as I have no luck on contacting people when they're on.

But yeah, as soon as I get this rl stuff out the way, I'll probably get started on doing that I think. Oh yeah...Brawl this weekend!

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