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I figured I would let everyone know that I will not be updating my posts and stuff... Right now, I am just uploading fanart and wallpapers.
If you wish to contact me, please do not PM me, you can contact me via AIM, or MSN IM... which, should all be listed. Also, my email still works, I just don't check it as much. So... in conclusion... please feel free to look at my fanart or Wallpapers, if you do, and you have either, I will go to yours if you IM me or for this occasion PM me...
Ja ne

The music is the Mortal Kombat theme.

If you don't like yuri or yaoi... I suggest you leave now ^_^

This is your last warning... Do not scroll down if you are a homophobe...

For all of you give me funny looks when I talk about loving another girl, or when I talk about ex-girlfriend: I am Bi-sexual! And damned proud of it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

   Aiko Anime.Net
Well, A few people signed my gb here, so I thought I would take this time to thank them. Thank you. Feel free to instan message me because I don't like ever get one here.
This is a link to my site, with my newest picture that I've drawn.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

   Much love!
Much love to you all! Life sucks and then you die, and if you're lucky the sex is good in between. But, anyways. I got a new new site. I decided to get the version I had to pay for.
Now! Here is the link That's the link to my home page, and from there there is my fanart and stuff. Also, I decided to put some of the costumes and kimonos that I've made on my site. Please, do go to my site. I don't have like any visitors. Here's the link to the Cosplay site So far my only character costume is Mousse from Ranma , but I have a few kimono's and a really pretty chinese looking dress.

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Sunday, August 7, 2005

   Well what do ya know?
I'm posting. Wow. Not that it's anything much. No one will probably even read this >_<. I made a site, it's only my fanart, and I only have a few up now, but I'm going to get more up. I might still use the fanart on MyO because it's fun.
Here's the link.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is probably the last time I will post anything. Man, and I had finally reached that getting in the top 500 goal... right now I am at 425 in the popularity... So sad that I will fall behind quickly...
As it states above, if you have fanart I will look at/vote on/comment on yours for as many as you do the same for mine. If you have wallpapers I'll look at them to, especially if they are good ^.~
No one will probably ever read this anyways, but if you do... you can comment if you want, if you don't want to I don't mind. If you feel like talking to me for any reason at all... my instant messenger names are listed to the left... That's all I got to say...

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Sorry people...
I know I haven't been to anyone's site in like a week... so yeah... I'm sorry. I will get there as soon as I can... and I might even get there today >< Maybe...
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