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Saturday, March 19, 2005

teh post below
The post below is seiyuu's and who's voice they do... sorry, i thought I put that... i remember putting it... but i was hallucinating ><
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   Nani? Doushita? No one liked my post yesterday?
Haha... well... its 11:59 pm and I'm gonna try to give you all a real post... maybe...I finally got all of Rurouni Kenshin downloaded and am watching it now... Well, other news.... um... well... i forget now... but I will try to make the good.. well...okay post...

Takehito Koyasu

Angel Sanctuary: Kira Sakuya
Zetsuai Bronze: Izumi
Excel Saga: Illpazzo
Gravitation: Sakano
Hellsing: Luke Valentine
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Kiryuu Touga
Tokyo Babylon: Sakurazuka Seishirou
Weiss Kruez: Fujimaya Aya
Amazing Nurse Nanako: Dr. Ogami
Gundam Wing: Zechs Merquise

Seki Tomokazu

Amazing Nurse Nanako: Saint
Card Captor Sakura: Touya Kinomoto
Escaflowne: Van Fanel
Fruits Basket: Kyou Souma
Full Metal Panic: Sousuke Sagara
Gravitation: Shuichi Shindou
Samurai X: Katsura
Weiss Kruez: Ken Hidaka

Okiayu Ryoutarou

Excel Saga: Watanabe
Gravitation: K-san
Hellsing: Enrico Salvaletti
Gundam Wing: Treize Kushrenada
Kizuna: Samejima Ranmaru
Love Hina: Sakata Kentarou
Fruits Basket: Shigure Souma
Weiss Kruez: Brad Crawford

Seki Toshihiko

Saiyuki: Sanzo
Gundam Wing: Duo Maxwell
Ranma : Mousse
Trigun: Legato
Yami No Matsuei: Yutaka Watari

Mitsuru Miyamoto

Fruits Basket: Ayame Souma

Inoue Kazuhiko

Fruits Basket: Hatori Souma
Gravitation: Yuki Eiri

Orikasa Ai

Gravitation: Seguchi Tohma
Angel Sanctuary: Alexiel
Gundam Wing: Quatre

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Whoever's site is making the annoying ass noises is going to die!!! Lets do process of elimination to see who it is... Hmm... I think I know who it is... Lets see *clicks exit*
PockyStix!! YOU DIE NOW!!!!!!!

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   I'm gonna cry now...
I typed out a really f*cking long post, then accidently hit the refresh button!!!! DAMNIT!!!! I QUIT, I'M JUMPING OFF A FUCKING CLIFF.. NOTHING EVER GOES RIGHT FOR ME!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   Bored and Lazy
I'm being lazy today, and will most likely not make it to anyone's site. I think it has been comfirmed that Sam hates me as well. My digital camera is a piece of shit and will not work no matter what I do... So, I will now leave you all to RIP.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

   *throws random objects out window at random people*
Well, I'm in a pissy ass mood. I dunno why, I just am. No one is online to talk to... I'm listening to the Mario Brothers theme song... -.- Yeah, I'm just that lame... A lady bug landed on my sock and I didn't know what it was so I freaked out and flipped my foot all over the place. The damn digital camera won't work, dear Raven8763's site froze up three times, and when I tried to exit it... grr... In good news, I have given up on both Steve (ex bf) and Sam (ex gf)... The reason for giving up on Steve is so many things I don't feel like explaining, but one is that I feel like he can control me into anything whether he intends to or not. I feel weak, and, honestly, like a dependant little girl... Now, for Sam, it took about 1 second of seeing her in the hall... The story: She passed me in the hall and looked at me like she hated me or didn't even know I existed. I hate her for that, and what makes it worse is that I know its all Jordan's fault, but it's her fault for pretending like I never existed when she's with.. or even without him now. It really pisses me off about the look she gave me... such a small thing, but it makes my blood boil. I guess, the look she gave me was like I had done something wrong... After school, I thought about just kicking Jordan's ass, but he wasn't there until my bus was. I honesly gave serious thought to running up to him and jamming a knife in his neck.. yeah, that's horrible, I know... I would never do that... *looks to the lady bug that is now leisurely crawling on the window and doesn't touch it or harm it* This may seem off topic, but I can't stand it when people kill a bug that just happens to walk by outside... What the hell did it do to you? Now, on the other hand, you walk past a person that bumps into you and knocks everything out of your hands and then pretends like they didn't do anything and laughs... Tell me honestly, who deserves to be harmed more?

Well, I guess I'll try and get to your sites now... Until next time, this is Aiko, signing out.

Okay, I just looked... I got 4 comments on the post yesterday! And three of them were all one person's... I did put that up later last night soooo, I might go to your sites later if you comment... if not... well, shit happens. Thanks to PockyStix and Raven8763.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

   I have nothing to post again...
I did write up a post... and I saved it... but it isn't finished, I'll put it up another time... maybe...
well... I got the old digital camera out... and it worked for a few minutes... so... I have some new pictures of myself...

And I found a program via www.download.com to make GIF thingymajiggies...

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

   This, That, And some other stuff....
I had no idea for a subject of this post... *sneeze* Damn, I hate being sick... I dunno how I'm sick, i don't know anyone that was sick besides my Spanish teacher and she was a lot worse... I think it might have just been my allergies because I didn't have my medicine for 3 days, but yeah...
Well, other than that, I got a big stuffed yellow ducky! Its sooo soft! And my mom gave me her watch from when she was like 16, its a wind up watch, it isn't working at the moment, but we might get it fixed ^^. I like it, I think it's cool...
Also, I got pocky like last weekend... Has anyone ever seen Pocky at Wal-Mart? I was amazed when I saw it there... it was 78 cents for a 40g box that disappeared in about half an hour while my mom was getting her nails done ^.^ I was uber joyed that I found pocky at, of all places, Wal Mart... Well, I'm gonna be done rambling for now...

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Friday, March 11, 2005

   Hate + Jealousy = Love? o.o
I know everyone hates math, but my little equation seems to be correct. In order to love one person, you hate another. When you love someone, and they love someone else, you are jealous...and sometimes it even makes you love the person more. Well, I don't really feel like posting anymore... but I'll leave this post with my update of my nonexistant love life... Sam that I wanted to go back out with, well, my friend... who is one of those people that never lie... said that she saw Sam and Jordan this morning holding hands... so, I asked my other friend to see if they were going out, and he said Sam said they weren't... And, so I asked my friend, Dale, to then ask if she was going out with anyone.... and if not to ask if she would go out with me... So... I dunno what she said...But, after school, I was standing outside, and I kept looking back to where Jordan and Sam usually are, and didn't see them or see her come out of the building... then, when I went to go for the bus I think I saw Sam standing with Jordan... which more importantly means that I lost... It was only the horriffic, terribly long distance of all of 10 feet to where I was... If she still liked me, then she would have come over to me. So, in conclusion, I think I will just try to give up... but, I keep having dreams of her. The one dream sticks in my head...
~The dream~ In the dream I was with someone and told them something about "Sam doesn't love me and I'm just gonna give up on her..." or something (I can't remember it very well), but then as I walked into another room, and was crying, I turned around at the sound of my voice and there Sam was, she had a slight tear in her eye and came up to me, cupped my damp face in her hands and looked me in the eyes saying "I never said it, I never said I didn't love you." and kissed me. That's about all I remember of the dream but those words have echoed in my mind all day, I feel like the dream itself was making fun of me...sorta like telling a kid that you're gonna give 'em candy then laughing at them and saying "Haha! Like I would give you candy..." yeah... like that...

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   Its the pointless post!
Well, I'm glad you all liked yesterday's post... I encourage you all to go to that link, its great!!!
In other news... Today in Spanish class.. we watched Jumanji, in Spanish... O.o; And the other day we watched Dr. Suess in Spanish...And today in Computer skills, the teacher made us type this paper... with the monitor off!!! O.O >.>; I made sooo many mistakes.. I made like 11 mistakes with 75 words in one minutes...

Oh, and I must question you all for my laziness to look it up...
The blonde hott doctor guy on Amazing Nurse Nanako: I've heard his voice before, but can't for the life of me remember where... It's bothering me...Man! It's gonna bug me all night >_<
And in other news... I have the cell phone!! Mua ha ha ha! I dunno why I said that... but yeah.. I'm just weird like that.
And in my hopefully last topic of blabber, my ex girlfriend Sam, who I believed to not be going out with Jordan, I think she is again... I walked into school today and she was with him walking around, so I looked the other way and kept walking...When she is with him she doesn't ever look at me... It really makes me feel like shit, but hey! I am shit, ne?

Omg... I might know who the guys voice is... Nope... I was wrong... damn...
Well.. if anyone knows please tell me what other character he plays the voice of...

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