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Saturday, November 3, 2007

the ocean is uhhh big
holy crap i finnaly went on deployment on the uss ronald reagan(my carrier if your stupid/ didnt know)it was pretty fun plus i leared aircraft carriers can haul serious ass if it needs to. the ocean was beautiful as well in the daytime and creepy ass hell at night i meab ther was no light whatsoever. im also sorry toyou hunnies you all must cry yourselves to sleep at night since im not here to flirt with you since you all love me so much (yeah i still havent changed)well it sucks but my social life has gone to shit cause of my job choice oh well what can i do about it other then grin and bear it?
well i shut up for now and go play with my cell phone calling is just so much easier then posting now since i have limited access (messaging on a ship is illeagal btw)sayonara hunnies

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

   short rant
i need a girlfriend to keep the sanity any takers?
us military ppl need a stable woman (or guy in a females case) to keep from goin nuts. but when you hear military you think "oh hes gunna cheat on me" blah blah blah well no i hate cheaters and would never doi it why ppl do that to their loves is beyond me its stupid if you were plannin on cheatin then why date the other person? its bull and i wish it would stop but were only human driven by impulse. ok ok im done now whacha got ta say bout this one

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Friday, August 24, 2007

well its been a while since i last had a chance to post here sorry bout that but protectin the country is a thankless job. well i promise to try and see your profiles and post on em but im really busy so forgive me hunnies ok i got work to do missiles dont arm themselves

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