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Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoy my art work. I didn't actually know that I could draw until about 2001. Well...I knew that I could, but didnt because the first drawing I was proud of, my teacher said was awful in front of the whole class...I was 9 years old. I didnt realize that was why I stopped drawing though. Everyone in my family draws, so one day I decided I liked a picture and wanted to draw it. Well, needless to say it turned out good. So now, I sit in my cubicle at work bored out of my mind and draw. My drawings are usually whatever strikes me that day. Sometimes what mood Im in or just because I had a cool visual of something when I was falling asleep on my keyboard. It happens. A few of my pictures are copies just so I can practice how things are meant to be drawn..like hands, and faces (my two hardest areas). Also, you may notice my signature changes part way through..thats because I got married in June of '04 and changed my last name. YAY! Well, now I have a website (pencilartportraits.com) and do portraits. So check them out!
Tid bits:
Im 23
Married to a perfect guy that I dated for 6 years (since I was 15). Ive tried drawing pictures of him...but they never turn out. Maybe when my skills get better.
I also a black kitty named Onyx and a bengal named Minh. Mini 3yr olds!!
Anyhow, please enjoy yourselves and comment ALLLL you want! ^_^


Friday, December 2, 2005

I got another kitty!!!!! She was born Aug 22 and as cute as can be!!! She is a Bengal. Here is a little exerpt for you to understand why she is so special..and why you should get one!!! You can see my actual kitten if you visit http://www.ebreeder.com/bengals/totsixcruze.html
It says she is still available, but its actually her sister that is available. The breeder didn't realize she gave me the wrong cat...not that I mind...I love my kitten. We named her Minh.

The Bengal is a relatively new breed of cat which was first bred in the U.S.A and was originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. The domestic Bengal derives its name from the Latin name of its wild ancestor, Felis Bengalensis (Asian Leopard Cat). Whilst the domestic Bengal is similar in appearance to the Asian Leopard cat, and its genetic makeup contains a contribution from that wild cat species, its temperament however is purely domestic.

The goal in developing the domestic Bengal cat breed was to preserve a strong physical resemblance to its beautiful wild ancestor and at the same time the new domestic breed was designed to be a pleasant and trustworthy family companion. Therefore, the conformation of the Bengal is definitely reminiscent of its ancestors.

The Bengal is a large, sleek and very muscular cat with its hind-quarters slightly higher than its shoulders with a thick tail that is carried low. The Bengal should be alert and affectionate and its wild appearance is enhanced by its distinctive spotted or marbled coat. The different coat patterns are either leopard spotted or marbled, on a background colour of brown, or sometimes white.

There is no other breed of cat which displays the gold or pearl dusting effect (glitter) of the Bengal. Its pelt has a rich smooth feel of satin or silk. Even the voice of the Bengal is different from that of other domestic cats. They can coo and chirp, and like to jump and somersault. They also love to play with water and will often take baths with you!

To sum up, the Bengal is self-assured, affectionate and playful, with the stunning looks of its wild ancestor.

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I take it back-
I quit my other job...it was literally killing me. I was getting sick to the point where I was almost passing out during my shift. I was getting depressed, sleep deprived and starved because I would often forget to eat for days. I was waking up at 6am - and not coming home until midnight. So....after I realized how much I hated my other job, I quit. I also got a promotion at my current job though. :) So everything is good :) Though I have to tell you the funny story about me quitting my other job.
I turned in my two weeks - and on the very last day I was working I sent a bunch of funny emails to the department like I normally do. Just before my lunch break, a good friend sent me some emails and I was forwarding those on. Well, I went on lunch, came back, and my manager was waiting for me. He took me up the the Human Resources room and sat me down. I'm thinking it was time for my exit interview because it was only two hours before the end of my shift on the last day I was working. He said "Megan, this is no longer a voluntary termination, we are firing you."
I just kinda sat there in shock at first..and finally asked why. He said "Its because of an email you sent."
"What was wrong with the emails I sent?" I asked.
It turns out that the very last email I sent to the entire department before I went on lunch - I hadn't looked at because I was late leaving. I figured it was fine because it came from this friend and the title was "Sports Bloopers". Yeah..BIG mistake. Turned out to be full frontal nudity both male and female!!!!!! It wasn't posing or anything, but for example - this guy was in a bull fight, and his shorts were sliced open - exposing him. So, needless to say they sent me packing. I wasn't fired as much as I was "escorted out of the building 2 hours early". I felt aweful though! They wouldn't even let me appologize to everyone! It was a complete accident and I couldn't say I was sorry. Kinda made me mad, but oh well. So that is the end of that :)

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Friday, June 3, 2005

   Its official
I have two jobs now. *sigh* Im going to drive myself to the gound at this pace. Ya know, Im kinda worried actually. I don't know what Ive gotten myself into. Ive held two jobs before, but not two FULL time jobs. I told everyone I can handle it...so I have to. I just hope I was right.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another day. So Im looking for a second job. yay...blah. THough, it will be good, it just means I will be working 80 hours a week. Dont worry, it won't hinder my drawing abilities. My current job will be just as boring. ^_^ I am dead broke and falling behind...normally we aren't, but my husband went to E3 the other week, and thought his work was paying him...but they didn't. So instead of just $300 out the door...it was an extra $600. Not that anyone cares, but yeah..thats how exciting my life is.

So..if you don't have Dish Network yet, I suggest you get it. You can get it installed for free and get other free stuff by going here - http://www.vmcsatellite.com/?aid=176301

Good times. blah blah blah. I have an idea...

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