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Friday, December 2, 2005

I take it back-
I quit my other job...it was literally killing me. I was getting sick to the point where I was almost passing out during my shift. I was getting depressed, sleep deprived and starved because I would often forget to eat for days. I was waking up at 6am - and not coming home until midnight. So....after I realized how much I hated my other job, I quit. I also got a promotion at my current job though. :) So everything is good :) Though I have to tell you the funny story about me quitting my other job.
I turned in my two weeks - and on the very last day I was working I sent a bunch of funny emails to the department like I normally do. Just before my lunch break, a good friend sent me some emails and I was forwarding those on. Well, I went on lunch, came back, and my manager was waiting for me. He took me up the the Human Resources room and sat me down. I'm thinking it was time for my exit interview because it was only two hours before the end of my shift on the last day I was working. He said "Megan, this is no longer a voluntary termination, we are firing you."
I just kinda sat there in shock at first..and finally asked why. He said "Its because of an email you sent."
"What was wrong with the emails I sent?" I asked.
It turns out that the very last email I sent to the entire department before I went on lunch - I hadn't looked at because I was late leaving. I figured it was fine because it came from this friend and the title was "Sports Bloopers". Yeah..BIG mistake. Turned out to be full frontal nudity both male and female!!!!!! It wasn't posing or anything, but for example - this guy was in a bull fight, and his shorts were sliced open - exposing him. So, needless to say they sent me packing. I wasn't fired as much as I was "escorted out of the building 2 hours early". I felt aweful though! They wouldn't even let me appologize to everyone! It was a complete accident and I couldn't say I was sorry. Kinda made me mad, but oh well. So that is the end of that :)

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