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Saturday, July 28, 2007





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My name is Sarah. I live in Seattle, WA. Im an emo kid with little to no self esteem. I kinda sorta like anime. Im going to be a senior this year which scares me (Im not ready to grow up!!!)

hey people! how are ya? good i hope. wow, i can't believe i'm actually updating. it's been a couple weeks now huh? sorry, i've been pretty busy.

so i've been getting my community service done. yay! as of today i have 60 hours. finally, i've been puttin' that off for years...in case you're wondering what i've been doing which i highly doubt, i have been a volunteer at summer school. i'm teaching people who just moved to the country better english. it's pretty cool, but waking up early is beginning to take it's toll, i'm reallllllly cranky now. but whatever.

so, how did everyone like the final harry potter? i myself have yet to read it. i just finished da vinci code (which is so much better than the movie) which took me a good two years (i was busy!). i'm going to start back up with hp though, the 4th one goblet of fire. it's my favorite movie, so i'm definately excited about this one. btw, what did 'yall think of the movie? i thought it was ok, but i think they could've done better. but what do i know, i haven't even read the book.

ok, that's long enough. today i'm going to alki with a friend and then to the simpsons movie (definately looking forward to that). i'll try commenting ASAP. sorry this was so long.

'til next time folks! :)


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