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Hey, im a realtivly new anime fan. I find it a little hard to get ahold of (or bit to exspence ). i havnt ever read any manga, i never realy looked much into comic books im not sure if id even be any good or not (iv wanted to read the Hellsing manga for awile now). im usaly fond of the more dark style anime but then again i havnt been exposed to too much of it so im likly to watch anything i can get my hands on. thou a few exspeptinaly bad anime i wont even suffer threw.... hmm, well thats all i can conjure up to put here now.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good Bye
to all those people who stumbled acrost my little posts hear, i hope some besides me found it a least slightly amuseing. im going to be closeing down my account hear soon for good (no big loss right?). hope every one is doing well - see yah.

Friday, December 2, 2005

   >.> Early
...its 6 in the morning ...i just woke up.... i dont know why... i rather not wake up this early personaly, i dont need to get for another couple hours. so i guess im stuck lurking around hear for awhile. my sleep schduel has been real screwy latly going to bed way too early wakeing up way too early. o.o the "news" this week is that it is difficult to find over the counter sleep aids in small oregon towns... or in this one at least. >.> well thats the end of my complaining hope every one is haveing a good day/morning/night when ever it is there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

   O.o;; !!! The Day That Was Three Days Before The Day After Tomarrow
well its the day before thanks giving (or it is in my time zone) not much to report on, im just lurking around as usal... iv gotten to a point where im read'in books iv already read. (still no luck finding that hellsing manga either) iv been going on threw my old stack of stehpen king books, im on pet sematary now... >.> hmm... i suppose the news today is that iv got a long weekend... Lol' xD so i can be counted upon to be sitting around doing little to nothing for the next four days or so. lol' hope every one is haven a good day

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