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Monday, November 21, 2005

   Another Sunday
well another sunday night has crept up on me and once again it dosnt look as if ill be sleeping tonight... neither coffee or tea look to be an option for me but oh well ill do fine i suppose. theres not terrably much going on in my little world, just dreging on. if i have any news its that i at least had a relaxing weekend, i slept 13 hours on both friday and saterday, good dreams for once, i almost never dream.
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Monday, November 14, 2005

   Coffee or Tea?
Well another night has come... and i dont think ill be sleeping any time soon, i slept in horrendously late today. (5:00 PM!!!!)so if im going to be be able to do anything tomarrow i might have to just stay up and wait it out. And of course the ultimate question Tea Or Coffee? well with me the awnsers a bit complicated... i used to be addicted to coffee id drink almost two or three pots a day... i mean im sure there are worse habbits but you know... so i stoped drinking it... and well where almost out of tea so most what i whould be drinking is sugar water if i made some... oh woes is me... Lol'im amazed bye my 33 visits, i can only imagin some poor souls accidently stumbled acrost all my wineing (and terrable spelling) i post hear. well thats today.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Happy Halloween
>.> well i dont know about ells where but its halloween here... this used to be one of my favorite hallowdays but where i'm living now im utterly deprived of my favorite sport: scare the hell out of little kids. and well im way too inbarised to go trickor-treating at my age... exspecialy without any one one ells to do it with. all my freinds are off working or just being cooler then i am ( Lol') . so im stuck here tonight, i dunoo maby ill slink and go watch some horror movies (my favorite kind of movies btw). >.> that about sums it up. Oohhhh! Tales From The Crypt! i havnt seen that in ages! ill be lurking around, hope every one ells has something better to do today- bye

p.S. (22 visits now, lol' i dont think id even visit me that many times)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   Post 2: the reveng O.o;
>.> well hears my secend post and the news today is that im posting my secned post. xD no just kidding. my news today is actuly far more enlightning: Im very full right now... i ate to much... i was at a little party kind'a thing, nothing exiting just lots of food.. X.x and I ate to much..... far to much... the moral of this story is of course... well i gues its not realy a moral so never mind. (lol i think im so funny xD) >.> well thats the end of the "news".... and seeing as how iv ran out of something to ramble upon that the end of todays post.
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Monday, October 24, 2005

   >.> post 1 ?
well, i thought i should start setting up some post here & there. all of you 15 people who have visited my site (i dont know how i even got that many visits O.o) can check in and see what iv been up too. well i suppose my news today is im setting up my first post. (exiting huh? JK)
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