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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

   Long time no see...Hello!!

Well its been a long time since I come here. I have been studing I have been a bit busy. I am taking a course of digital fashion design and its hard but is cool at the same time. Anyway the summer keeps getting worse I mean the boredom, I ve been doing videos with anime pics and videos to not get bored.Well its been weird.I have been thinking of rearanging mypage.I am in desperate need of socializing with people cause this summer is everybody that I know for some odd reason keep going away to other countries.well bye hope you people are doing well.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yaii ,School is finaly gonna end soon.Hello im just bored cause i dont know people keep disapearing I think is because of myself but screw it.Anyway the other day I had an awesome dream cause I ve never liked school and well my school inthe dream was filled with people that looked like anime.I wish it was that way but what can I do.And there was another dream like witha revolution that looked a lot like final fantasy but that one was freaky yet kool.anyway I kinda skipeda grade and they have me doing some home tests in my house so I can graduate I there looonnng.So im leaving so I can finish.bye ,hope u guys are ok.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hello...well ive been doing a lot of scholl work now it seems as though the homework were pop ups they dont stop.well I hope u guys are ok.Um I wanted to ask what u think or advice for a friend of mine she has a problem um she loves a guy since a very long time but she thought that it was a friendship she never thought that she loved the guy that much and well she had a boyfriend who was very nice and all but this wierd feeling she had didint let her live she said and she endedup living him but she still talks to him the thing is that the guy who used to be her friend now dosent talk to her or maybe speaks to him but he dosent talk to her with the same confidence so shes gone a bit depress but she says that she will forget him soon but she says she plans to be alone for some time.Im sad for her cause ive seen her crying and she misses him very much but shes decided to act like she never knew him ,maybe she will say hello but thats it.She thinks that everytime she loves a guy the guy she loves never loves her back and the ones who love her she cant love them back so I dont know what to tell her .she thinks she dosent know how to love.Well thats it I am really worried about her.tHANK U FOR READING THIS.And if u do comment also thank u.bye have a nice week.byebye

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Hi there hope you people r ok.Um I been doing a lot of school work it never ends.Now i am sick i have allergies and fever and like my body hurt.The thing is this always happens to me when I say the word ill I was giving an example said that word and now im sick.I am bigining to think is a jinx.And well nothing I want to go and see momoirs of a geisha and ultraviolet.Those movies are interesting.Man am i stupid everybody knew that broukback mountain was about to gay guys and I always thought the movie look like a cowboy mission thing jaja.Its actually funny cause it never pass trough my mind the idea.Nothing I made a new friend that draws how i wish i could in that level god is awesome who ever draws has a gift in their hand.But anyway he sles t shirts from diferent series and their awesome done by him.well have a happy week.byebye

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Friday, March 3, 2006


Hi...well ive been doing a lot of school stuff,today im going to my music class I hope i get it right.Im feeling better from that last days depression still feeling depress but better so thats a good sign.I am a bit desperate cause I have no freaking antena nor cable.So I am missing a lot of programs I am telling u this year nothing in my life is going peachy.But nobody said life would be easy but neither they said life would suck so anyhow I have disited to ignore stupid human feelings like seshomaru would say and try to make myself look happy even if i am empty.And nothing I miss seeing cartoon network and a lot of awesome channels.Well I envy my brother's talent of drawing hes so lucky now hes going to a university of desing and drawing and computer stuff so its cool cause everybody there love anime so his surounded of cool people.That would be so awesome.So I hope you guys are fine.I wish u a happy week.bye

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