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Monday, March 13, 2006

Hi there hope you people r ok.Um I been doing a lot of school work it never ends.Now i am sick i have allergies and fever and like my body hurt.The thing is this always happens to me when I say the word ill I was giving an example said that word and now im sick.I am bigining to think is a jinx.And well nothing I want to go and see momoirs of a geisha and ultraviolet.Those movies are interesting.Man am i stupid everybody knew that broukback mountain was about to gay guys and I always thought the movie look like a cowboy mission thing jaja.Its actually funny cause it never pass trough my mind the idea.Nothing I made a new friend that draws how i wish i could in that level god is awesome who ever draws has a gift in their hand.But anyway he sles t shirts from diferent series and their awesome done by him.well have a happy week.byebye

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