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My name is Kristy. I love all sorts of anime and manga. I'm really bored right now and i want to get on myspace but i can't coz the boy's and girls' club is GAY.. i wish i wasnt here... it makes me want to die....

my friend sammi is right next to me. Brittiny is over there <<<<<<<<<<<<<< haha and Karriel is being loud behind me. I'm so bored...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So get this, Light from death note DIES at the end of the series because Ryuk got sick of him. And Sakura && Itachi WTF?!?!?!? What about SASUKE??????? there's so many sane, non-serial killers!!!!!!!! now these are just rumors i've heard online so far. i haven't made it to naruto shippuden or past death note # 36 but this is like soooooo X[ you know????

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

hey all great news!!!!!
I'm headed to an art boarding highschool in Michigan called Interlochen. I really really REALLY want to go so if you all could email my mom and give her one good reason to send me I would love you for EVER! ericayeager@gmail.net thank you so much for your help, i will update you on my application weekly ok? i love you all <3
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

hey all long time no see!
so pm me ppls you ppl have forgotten all bout me =[ soooooo what are you waiting for?! hurry up and i can update you on my life here in hillbilly hell.

for those of you who are loserfaces, and won't pm me, here's a quick update:
i have a bf who lives in virginia
i'm bisexual XD
i'm single when it comes to girls, sorry guys! XD
i love the book Twilight and its sequals, so ask me about them and whatnot.

yeah so there it is, my life currntly, in a nut shell.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

lol! it's so true!

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to the adoption center. here are some examples of what you can find on line. click on the link below an image to get your own animal.
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KYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i was talking to my friend on the phone last night and she was telling me about this story she found on myspace and i will retell it as best i can. be warned, it is incredibly sad.


A man was sent off to a war, entrusting his daughter, his only child, to his wife. on the day he left he kissed his daughter good bye and told her he would be back soon.

The woman was a cheating bitch (skuze mai French) and went out and got a new lover. This man was abusive to both the little girl, Kelsie, and her mother. Kelsie, being a small child, tended to make mistakes. The new boyfriend was impatient. He once got so mad at Kelsie that he broke both of her legs. the next time she made him mad, he kicked her in the stomach. That week the father of Kelsie came home to find out that his wife was leaving him and he would have to burry Kelsie because that kick killed her.

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