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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i was talking to my friend on the phone last night and she was telling me about this story she found on myspace and i will retell it as best i can. be warned, it is incredibly sad.


A man was sent off to a war, entrusting his daughter, his only child, to his wife. on the day he left he kissed his daughter good bye and told her he would be back soon.

The woman was a cheating bitch (skuze mai French) and went out and got a new lover. This man was abusive to both the little girl, Kelsie, and her mother. Kelsie, being a small child, tended to make mistakes. The new boyfriend was impatient. He once got so mad at Kelsie that he broke both of her legs. the next time she made him mad, he kicked her in the stomach. That week the father of Kelsie came home to find out that his wife was leaving him and he would have to burry Kelsie because that kick killed her.

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