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Hey!! You may remember me as HeartAkaii1991. ^_^ Well I'm back with a new, fresh account. I'll try and update all my friends from my old account.
I hope you like the New account, FrozenSand ^_^

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Monday, April 23, 2007



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So I didn't do as well on All County as I hoped. I got a 92...but it's okay. Better luck next year, right? ^_^

Today was beautiful out, and I get to do homework!! (o joy)
But still, as of right now, life is pretty good. I'm not that tired because I started my day off with a cold shower, which was painful, but still, it woke me up either way.

I'm deciding whether I should take AP Bio or AP Chemistry. So far I'm leaning towards Chem, because I'm really good at it...but Bio is all memorization, which I'm not really so good at.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hey Guys!!!
HIYA GUYS!!! Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been super busy. But you'll be happy to know that I have new art to put up *woohoo*. I had an all state chorus audition on friday. It was so nerve-racking!!! But I think I did pretty well. My song was perfect, but I messed up a little bit on sightreading. But that's okay, there's always next year ^_^

Yesterday I went to see In the Land of Women. I didn't like it. I thought it was awkward, stupid, random, and just...idk...XD
I just didn't like
the only thing I liked about it was that Adam Brody was in it XD

So...I'll get around to visiting people's sites today since I haven't done that in a while. For those of you who know me, I usually don't go away, so this is just an off week for me, and I'm truly sorry. Bye for Now ^_^

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Katsu - Oc

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Hey guys!!! Hope you like the new theme!! It's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle...aka...Fai...aka...my love and devotion....aka...if you even think about him I will bite your head off ^_^

Lol. Sorry I didn't update yesterday, for those of you who know me and visit me daily, I haven't missed a post since I've been here, so I'm uber sorry that I missed my first one ^_^

Yesterday was nice!! AND I DID WELL ON THAT MATH TEST!! xd My parents were so happy w/ me, it was almost scary...because...well..it replaces a C, XD. So yea

Today I have chamber singers, and it's like a chorus through audition (and even though our individual voices are good, we don't exactly sound great in a group, but thats okay). We're learning bohemian rhapsody acapella, and I think it may be the hardest piece of music I've ever set my eyes on, not to mention it's 23 pages. So yea

I have to go now, time for a beautiful double period of chem (best part of my day. And no, I'm not being sarcastic)

Ciao for now ^_^

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Katsu - Oc

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Hey there guys. I don't really have so much to say today, because yesterday wasn't exactly interesting. First I'd like to say that I hope everyone that is at virginia tech is okay. I know Crystal Flute was there, so I hope you're okay too ^_^

Today is not exactly interesting either. Yesterday I got three free periods, so that was pretty cool. (1 during chem, 1 during community service, and 1 during band)

But other than that, I hope everyone is having a pretty good day ^_^ Just like me.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday *sobs*

Katsu - Oc

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Gahhh...I have So much to do today *Sobs in corner*
I hate it when the quarter ends and you have to go talk to all of your teachers to make sure that they are giving you the right grades and all. My math teacher isn't very nice *Weeps*

But on the brighter side of thing, I had so much fun at the batmitzvah yesterday. The theme was ballet, and we got light pink sweatpants and moshi pillows with your name airbrushed on it. It was so cool!! (Squee >w<)

And I have my math quarter test today!! So everyone wish me luck and such!

Hope everyone has a better monday than I'm about to have XD

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