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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Katsu - Oc

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Hey guys!!! Hope you like the new theme!! It's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle...aka...Fai...aka...my love and devotion....aka...if you even think about him I will bite your head off ^_^

Lol. Sorry I didn't update yesterday, for those of you who know me and visit me daily, I haven't missed a post since I've been here, so I'm uber sorry that I missed my first one ^_^

Yesterday was nice!! AND I DID WELL ON THAT MATH TEST!! xd My parents were so happy w/ me, it was almost scary...because...well..it replaces a C, XD. So yea

Today I have chamber singers, and it's like a chorus through audition (and even though our individual voices are good, we don't exactly sound great in a group, but thats okay). We're learning bohemian rhapsody acapella, and I think it may be the hardest piece of music I've ever set my eyes on, not to mention it's 23 pages. So yea

I have to go now, time for a beautiful double period of chem (best part of my day. And no, I'm not being sarcastic)

Ciao for now ^_^

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