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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm sorry for venting again, this might be a little scattered...
My mother doesn't understand.
She says that if you like or dislike your art that it doesn't matter what other people think, but that's not true. Because it hurts so much, when you've worked so hard on a picture, and you're proud of it, and then you show it to someone and they just dismiss it, or they just go "That's nice" but they don't mean it, or they even insult it, even if it's a joke, it just... Hurts. And it makes you feel horrible.

And what makes you feel worse is when you draw something, and your best friend in the whole world draws something, and nobody cares about yours because they're all too busy ogling hers. And I'm not mad at my friend, I'm happy that she's talented, but I put just as much if not more effort into a lot of my drawings, but nobody cares, and it hurts.

I don't see why my mom can't understand that.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

So. I've been unhappy recently. I'm doing a bit better now, but basically recently all my mum has talked about is how I need to catch up a bit on my schoolwork. Just a bit! One day I didn't do any makeup work because I had a lot of current homework and she totally flipped out and started screaming at me that I was so irresponsible and how could I do this to her. It was crazy. She's calmed down now though.
I've been forced to pretty much work on schoolwork nonstop though. I just finished a totally weak essay for English. It sucks. Or at least I think it does, but you know, as long as my teacher likes it...

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back from my first day!
I'm back! We couldn't stay all day, but gods I had a good time! I spent a ton of money, cause I got a lot of stuff! I got a Kadaj action figure, a Deidara plushie and a black kitty ear hat. I took a bunch of pictures of cosplayers too. I'd have to say my favorite was this guy who was dressed as Chii, he was too precious!XP
Then I went to the Death Note photoshoot, which was awesome.

And everyone was so friendly! Seriously, I made friends with two Lights, a couple of Ls, some Misa's, a few Matt's and even another Mello! Example of how friendly everyone was: When I got there there were no Matts, and I wanted to take a picture with one, so when I finnally saw a girl cosplaying as Matt I yelled "Hey Matt!" This girl just turns and is like "Oh, hi Mello." and then takes a picture with me.

Then I saw this guy who had a sign that said "I lost the Game" which made me lose the game. Then the dude let me have it!

So I walked around for a while holding up that sign. People's reactions were so funny!

BTW, If you don't know what the game is... I don't feel like explaining.

Can't wait to go tommorow, I'll be with my brother then, so maybe I can get some yaoi.

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Ikkicon 08
Yay, I'm going to an anime convention today! And tommorow. It sataarted yesterday, but I couldn't go.

So I'm going today, in about an hour or so. It's called Ikkicon, it's in Austin.

I'm going to be cosplaying as Mello, from Death Note. I'm actually in my full costume now.

I'm wearing a blonde wig, which is so weird. My breasts are also bound so I look pretty flat-chested. It hurts a little cause the ace wrap I'm using is giving me a rash, but I don't care!

My friend is also going to be going as either Near or Misa-Misa, it depends on how her hair turns out.

You know, as Mello, I'm wearing more make-up then I ever have before.

I'm going to have to eat a lot of chocolate today.

Anyway, yay, I'm excited! I got up at 6:30 this morning to get in costume.

EDIT: Most Disturbing thing ever: My mother calling me hunk.

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