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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back from my first day!
I'm back! We couldn't stay all day, but gods I had a good time! I spent a ton of money, cause I got a lot of stuff! I got a Kadaj action figure, a Deidara plushie and a black kitty ear hat. I took a bunch of pictures of cosplayers too. I'd have to say my favorite was this guy who was dressed as Chii, he was too precious!XP
Then I went to the Death Note photoshoot, which was awesome.

And everyone was so friendly! Seriously, I made friends with two Lights, a couple of Ls, some Misa's, a few Matt's and even another Mello! Example of how friendly everyone was: When I got there there were no Matts, and I wanted to take a picture with one, so when I finnally saw a girl cosplaying as Matt I yelled "Hey Matt!" This girl just turns and is like "Oh, hi Mello." and then takes a picture with me.

Then I saw this guy who had a sign that said "I lost the Game" which made me lose the game. Then the dude let me have it!

So I walked around for a while holding up that sign. People's reactions were so funny!

BTW, If you don't know what the game is... I don't feel like explaining.

Can't wait to go tommorow, I'll be with my brother then, so maybe I can get some yaoi.

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