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Welcome one and all, I am ForestFox, formally known as YamiKitsune137. *waves* HI!!!

A little about me... well, I'm short, fun and a little weird (and that's putting it lightly). You'll learn more about me if you stay long enough to look at my posts, but if you'd rather leave I don't mind ^___^ But yeah, sit, stay, enjoy.

Monday, July 30, 2007

my sister is moving in the cellar, her and her boyfriend, so we've been cleaning and organizing stuff down there.its turning out really nice!

i got in touch with an old friend, its pretty sweet because hes the most hilarious guy ever.

well, not much else is up, basically ive just been chillin and listening to 90's music, lol.

~forest fox.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

im back... finally, lol
yeah, camping was alright.
surprisingly, hangin out with my 9 year old cousin wasn't so bad. there wer 2 squirells and a chipmunk at our campsite, we fed them trail mix. not the best idea, but hey why not? we went fishing and stopped by a gift shop. i brought home some candy, hot chocolate, a stuffed monkey, and when we were fishing i collected a bunch of rocks. i know its kind of lame, but at least its not as lame as my attraction to acorns! i wouldve brought home more interestng things, but i only had 15 bucks and for a little redneck hick town like that theyre pretty expensive!

and as of last night, i am single after a year long relationship. im alright i guess, i expected it but it was still sort of a shock.

im rearranging my room, and i came to the comclusion i have a lot of crap that should probably be thrown away.

oh yeah! and my birthday was sunday, im 15. not that much different, but i got the harry potter 7 book. im almost done, and 25 bucks, and my sis got me a blnket with multi colored flames on it.

well, thats all for now. i gotta get offline, but ill comment you all later or tomorrow!

~forest fox

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