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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

im back... finally, lol
yeah, camping was alright.
surprisingly, hangin out with my 9 year old cousin wasn't so bad. there wer 2 squirells and a chipmunk at our campsite, we fed them trail mix. not the best idea, but hey why not? we went fishing and stopped by a gift shop. i brought home some candy, hot chocolate, a stuffed monkey, and when we were fishing i collected a bunch of rocks. i know its kind of lame, but at least its not as lame as my attraction to acorns! i wouldve brought home more interestng things, but i only had 15 bucks and for a little redneck hick town like that theyre pretty expensive!

and as of last night, i am single after a year long relationship. im alright i guess, i expected it but it was still sort of a shock.

im rearranging my room, and i came to the comclusion i have a lot of crap that should probably be thrown away.

oh yeah! and my birthday was sunday, im 15. not that much different, but i got the harry potter 7 book. im almost done, and 25 bucks, and my sis got me a blnket with multi colored flames on it.

well, thats all for now. i gotta get offline, but ill comment you all later or tomorrow!

~forest fox

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