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hello. my name is fluffyfan.while you are here,feel free to sign my guest book and enjoy my site.
and if you have any tips for me,i would like to hear them.
and, i'd apprieciate it if you'd check out my fanart, if you would.on otaku boards and miles from nowhere, i'm fluffyfan . thanks for visiting my site, and have a nice day.
later! take care!


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Monday, May 29, 2006

Final Post
I haven't been updating much on this site, and I'm kinda bored with the name fluffyfan, so I'm making a new site. I will not delete this one, but making a new one. My new username is Collette Collette. Please visit! but, you might want to wait about a day or so so I can get set up. Have a nice Memorial Day!
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

geez louise. sorry guys!
my bad. i still haven't been on in awhile. i also just got back from vacation at virginia beach about a week ago, and 2 days ago darkmagitian101 slept over. speaking of which, I BEAT HER IN DUELING 2 TIMES!!! in 1 duel i had 36,900 lp left (dancing fairy, cure mermaid, and wall of revealing light combo was to thank for this)and the other time i had 5,650 lp left. so... now she no longer is undefeated when we duel! MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! lol.
so anyway, i thought i'd drop by and say hi, and that my mom and i are going to take self defence lessons 2 weeks from now and that when school starts i'll have alot more time to post. school is coming veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery soon. do you guys have all the supplies you'll need? he-he i do. it's so exciting. i'll be going into 8th grade in 3 days!!!!!! ^__^...i feel sleepy already just thinking about it though....
well, later! take care!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

my goodness!
i know that i haven't updated in a looooong time, but i have tennis lessons and such to go to that i haven't had that much time to update my siet. thanks to everyone who still loyally come to my site, even though i haven't been on lately. also, my laptop is experiancing truobles and i still have to raise lots of money for the trip. gotta go! later take care!
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