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Saturday, August 27, 2005

geez louise. sorry guys!
my bad. i still haven't been on in awhile. i also just got back from vacation at virginia beach about a week ago, and 2 days ago darkmagitian101 slept over. speaking of which, I BEAT HER IN DUELING 2 TIMES!!! in 1 duel i had 36,900 lp left (dancing fairy, cure mermaid, and wall of revealing light combo was to thank for this)and the other time i had 5,650 lp left. so... now she no longer is undefeated when we duel! MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! lol.
so anyway, i thought i'd drop by and say hi, and that my mom and i are going to take self defence lessons 2 weeks from now and that when school starts i'll have alot more time to post. school is coming veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery soon. do you guys have all the supplies you'll need? he-he i do. it's so exciting. i'll be going into 8th grade in 3 days!!!!!! ^__^...i feel sleepy already just thinking about it though....
well, later! take care!

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