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the king of blue fire hid 5 spell books.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Off Target unmasked.
Name: Kane Usher
Alias: Off Target
Pro: Light powers
Con: devil of darkness [Dr. Jekil and Mr. Hyde]
Starter. Spheres of light alter reality in limited ways (strength and item fusion)
Lv. 2. Throw spheres as dodge balls or bombs. teleportation
Lv. 3. Light possess limbs
Lv. 4. Time slow and copy illusion trick

Lv. 1. Demon form: Spawn/ Slayers
Lv. 2. Fear drinker, demon weaknesses
Lv. 3. Absorb bodies for sustenance, also some Naraku abilities
Lv. 4. Pure darkness. Devil May Cry 3 + Shadow Realm. Setback, Final destination “death is after you”

Dark form is summoned by will or in reaction is a sinful deed such as murder or something of similar disgust, but only when he does it. A lesser dark is from touch, when someone pure or someone Kane despises, touches him his skin burns black and burns the person before healing. At light lv. 2 the explosions sometimes continue past his control and Lv. 1 of dark appears. Lv. 4 dark destroys the body and would only be achieved by using Kane Usher’s dead body to create a homunculus. The world would be blanketed in darkness.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Off Target 2
Top hair right: black
Top hair left: white
Side hair right: white
Side hair left: black
Right eye brow: black
Left eye brow: white
Right eye: white (like a blind but with sight)
Left eye: black (like a shark)
In a hospital most of his natural life, going in and out of coma. He has also had to live with several casts, making various differences in skin tone and tan lines. Due to ten years of confusing a coma fantasy world and the real world this man is severely mentally unstable. In addition to his condition the patient has super human abilities in the form of white spheres with black rims the patient calls soul spheres. The abilities of the soul spheres contain the following: shield, teleportation chamber, tech merger, sound emitter, flash bombs, dodge balls, bombs, levitating platform, and energy medium. The main two concepts the patient follows is balance and independence, although they may seem sick and unusual versions of the concepts to us. The patient is known only by his alias name “Off-Target”, he is found usually with a suit that has a target on his mask and torso, the remainder of the suit is black and whit stripes.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Off Target
The king of blue fire dealt with his split son in a glorious battle. The pain endured by the son split apart was brutal and maddening to even think of and as punishment for defying him further the king left them on the battleground to go insane and rot. The soul brother Sever was burned without mercy and his horns and spikes left him. The soul brother smolder could not be burned as he was the living smoke from fir itself, so the king pummeled smolder bare fisted into a bruised and bleeding carcass. Both to sick and in pain to even think came together hoping there soul brother may help them. Sever the burned managed to carry smolder the beaten away from the battlefield, limping and involuntarily crying. They collapsed in a dessert of ash, apparently were their father reemerged from. The one that awoke first was smolder and what he saw would make him sick with discuss if he wasn’t already so weak and ill. He saw the soul brother’s archrival Eclipse. Smolder would have said, “You cocky b@$+&?},” why don’t you just let us die in peace“ but instead of his he coughed up blood on his better half. Eclipse then lowered his hood and ashe did such his form altered to female. Eclipse was Aoe, the sister, all along. Smolder stuck his hand in sever’s side in anger forcing sever to awaken as a beast because of added pain. Sever jumped and bit his sister’s arm. It only left a gash, but it was a mark as he wished. The sister fled and the two halves became one once again. Before eclipse separated the soul in to bodies the brother was Hamentemp the living embodiment of death, but this time they did not hold the scythe so the outcome was totally different. There bodies healed to a mere disfigurement, but there madness grew instead of healed, for once in his miserable excuse for a life the son of the king of blue fire didn’t care. He didn’t care about power, food, good nor evil, his grudges melded into one form, a horrible evil being with no will at all but to cause suffering, and for a while he was allowed this luxury. Then one day this evil came across a little girl that was crying by the river. The evil picked up the girl by the head and started to drown her in the river, no laughter, no pity, no thought, just evil. Then the water and the girl merged and became a white light this light burned the evil and a single word emerged from it “forgive”. the light started the light back in his soul. The madness still had him, but now he could think out a plan. His plan was to remove all worries, all responsibility, and finally have fun. He dawned a mask and a suit and called himself OFF TARGET. And he would use his soul for power. His powers became in the form of balls of light with shadow as an aura. With these soul spheres, he could make a barrier, a floating platform, items of technology merge, teleportation, and he also used them as dodge balls in his fun. A target on his head and torso dares anyone to try and kill this man like body. He is now a work of art, a great power free of religious fears, of burdening conscious, of pointless grudges, and free of useless emotions like pity, fear, sadness, guilt, and envy. He is to be envied by the world for he lives and is always happy and best of all no one can ever change that or stop his fun.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Movie Idea: The Arrow
2 cops. Cyber armor. One has skills in weapon construction and has a near precognitive sense of what’s going on around him. The other is trigger happy and glory hog. They are the best police duo in the terrorist and serial killer branch. Rumors go on about Mr. Arrow, the best of the best terrorist. No one has seen or heard from him in 10 years and then he publicly challenges the duo in a game, and for every part of the game they loose a city is blown away from the sky or bomb. During the movie the first cop goes from duty bound to just angry, so much so that at the last game, when his partner is dead, he doesn’t even care and just goes to shooting Mr. Arrow in the back, and mister arrow falls into a fire and then arrested. At the end of the movie the cop that lives nearly kills someone when Mr. Arrow is reported escaped.

The Arrow 2: The Snake Pit
Second movie, cop that lives, has upgraded himself to a Supped up terrorist walk by and hacker, known as Python. Mr. Arrow is rumored to own a business and Python plans to find it. Mr. Arrow is owner of Minercorp, with a front man the young Fredrick Miner. Mr. Arrow in the movie is referred to as Dr. Arrow by Fredrick. Dr. Arrow has been burned so badly he wares a white faceless mask and white gloves along with his black suit. Minercorp, develops medical advancements and was originally funded by Dr. Arrow’s terrorist actions and suppliers. Dr. Arrow plans to let python find him, then steal his weapons. Python thinks ahead and freezes Minercorp’s assets and agrees to bargain. During the conversation Python rips of Dr. Arrow’s arm and realizes that it is Mechanical. the room blows up. And the last thing on the screen is what looks like a cloning facility, and a body that resembles a young version of the mad man Python. The whole movie is dedicated to the python being a better terrorist than Mr. Arrow was and frustrating Mr. arrow.

This could lead to a TV series. Dr. Arrow could grow more and more robotic until he is nothing more than a program against a hacker terrorist. What do you think

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