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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Off Target unmasked.
Name: Kane Usher
Alias: Off Target
Pro: Light powers
Con: devil of darkness [Dr. Jekil and Mr. Hyde]
Starter. Spheres of light alter reality in limited ways (strength and item fusion)
Lv. 2. Throw spheres as dodge balls or bombs. teleportation
Lv. 3. Light possess limbs
Lv. 4. Time slow and copy illusion trick

Lv. 1. Demon form: Spawn/ Slayers
Lv. 2. Fear drinker, demon weaknesses
Lv. 3. Absorb bodies for sustenance, also some Naraku abilities
Lv. 4. Pure darkness. Devil May Cry 3 + Shadow Realm. Setback, Final destination “death is after you”

Dark form is summoned by will or in reaction is a sinful deed such as murder or something of similar disgust, but only when he does it. A lesser dark is from touch, when someone pure or someone Kane despises, touches him his skin burns black and burns the person before healing. At light lv. 2 the explosions sometimes continue past his control and Lv. 1 of dark appears. Lv. 4 dark destroys the body and would only be achieved by using Kane Usher’s dead body to create a homunculus. The world would be blanketed in darkness.

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