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No More Words _Inuayasha 1st movie
Muwahahahahha~! flame i is be! you hath been brave and entered my lair! *bow* i'm a pyro/mage/vampire/wolf....yesa lil bit of a hybrid! i am a nyphomanic, and a country slut! at least thats what my friends tell me...when they are callin me a hentai..i am inu/kags...*growls at kikyo* My art isnt the best, but im teachin myself! and if you have been to my site before..i know this is a different heading..but there was an accident... hehehe, am i forgetting anything? im wiccan, and i love miroku and fluffy and koga and inu and nuuraku and jared and*rambling goes on* hehehehe ROCK ON! (oh yea i am a rocker! and a goth...i think.... lol) always here for adivce! je ne! *bow*

Thursday, June 8, 2006

   camping with amaki!
yupsir! another amaki/flamey/kaze campout in the wilderness of doom! WOOT!
^-^ this weekend mohican adventure. fishing! swimming! otaku-ing!
im so excited. lately things...not going so good. with jared. with kin...
but this weekend will be amazing!
^-^ finally

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

   hmmmm rain makes me feel good
guess what, my entire house has strep!!! eep! O.O but i do not. mostly becuase i choose to take care of myself! see!! take care of selfyness!!!!

^.^ <3

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

im sorry!!!!!! i love you1!!!!! *huggles otaku*


i will be better!!!

i promise....AGAIN......>> <<

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

for the first time ever, ive finished an anime!!!!! weeee!!!! twas sukisyo, yaoi, and fucking amzing.
hi otkau!!!!!! ^.-
i keep leaving for such long periods of time
some 'art' is posteded for yalls.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   could i be your angel? could you be my prince?
ive had the best day in a hella loong time!!!!! no boys involved just me and my friends laughing our asses off.
sorry i havnt been on alot and that amaki..HASNT POSTED MY GODDAMNED PICTURES!!! this teacher told me that my drawing wasnt as good as hers and i got kinda...meh..:( i know its not but no one has to say that, right?

anyway, starting readin princess ai, which is ok. i read it really fast*faster than i normally read* and im like....lyrics..so...good...

annd finally, french is a bitch. ive been put in charge of making pies for thanksgiving ^-^. i love baking. its seriously the best fun i can have around the house. funfun. im beeing a slutty little red riding hood for christmas...ofcourse..what else? i bought a nice whole some outfit but take my hentai mind and a pair of sissors and a few cat ears and WAHM. anazing slutty costume. ^-^

and happy flame returns.

-flamey ^-^ ^-^ *.* i love faces...

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