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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Colorific Extentions! 0(>u

first of all, silly me forgot to thank stixx for her excellent advice toward searching for friends on theotaku: arigatou gozaimasu! *clapclapclap*

now, i finally got the color extentions i wanted!!! b(^o^)d they're neon pink and turquoise, according to the packaging. (hot topic) anywho, i got kinda camera-nyappy, though i'm not too talkeded in putting them in yet xDD--and what's surprising is i actually took decent pictures *yayz!*

if you recognize the cut/color of my hair, i copy miku (vo.) of an cafe :D

so...school is out, yet i still find myself insanely busy!!! i won't bore with details, i just find it weird--with the exception of the last month or so, my life has always been pretty low-key. but now...crazy xD

i intend to make a japanese rock/entertainment world soon. i don't want to take attention away from the other awesome worlds i've found with the same theme, but i do want to promote the bands that i find interesting and relay information. that way--with a few j-rock worlds, we'll have less gaps in the info curcuit, kapeesh? please support my new world when it's finally launched.


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