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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey guys, sorry I've been away from the sites so long...

How have you been? May was extremely busy for me!!! I had no "free time" what-so-ever but I was able to do a lot of cool stuff (ie. Race for the Cure, a local International Triathalon (volunteered), cut and dyed my hair (Miku blonde/cut), -MIYAVI- CONCERT!!!, and Fanime including an AN CAFE CONCERT!!!).
For Fanime I cosplayed Ryuusei Rocket Miku 0(^.^)0 Nyappy!

I actually went to both concerts by myself too o.O but apparently I'm really good at sneaking (and pushing and shuving XD) my way to the front, so I got an excellent view of both performances. I HELD -MIYAVI-'S STRUMMING FINGERS WHEN HE LEANED OUT OVER THE CROWD OMG!!! With that, my concert experience was complete haha!

p.s. (lol) both -Miyavi- and An Cafe members sound sooooooooo cute speaking 'broken' English! *hugs*

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last day of finals, then I'm freeeee!!!! to go to work -_- lol, but I'm actually glad to be going back--I need to earn money to go on a homestay trip in Japan next summer.

Love ya,
Bye bye

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