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Sunday, March 23, 2008

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(Sunday, 23/03/2008)
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::omg miyaviiiii!!!!::

Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen!

Just a quick update from Tsukiko 0(=^.^=)0 Oh, and I'll be staying at myO, not blogging on theO. I just don't like it over there. Lemme tell you I'm glad avatars are finally back up at least on site pages.

March update:
-I had my 17th birthday (March 8th) woot!
-I ran in my first track meet on my birthday.
-I was accepted into a junior college for Japanese courses next year.
-I chose my high school courses for next year.
-I asked a guy out to junior prom-->April 5th (omg o.O)
-It's spring break!!!!!!
-I'm attending an An Cafe concert May 25th in San Jose NYAPPY!
-I JUST bought a ticket to see Miyavi May 18th in San Francisco!!!! *omg can't breathe*
Is anyone going to either of these concerts?!?! I'd totally want to meet up with folks!

Life is pretty good right now...lemme tell you I'm so glad I got a job last summer and just saved the money--now I'm able to pay for stuff I would otherwise never be able to do--like prom and concerts and stuff. Seriously, summer jobs are worth it.

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