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Saturday, February 23, 2008

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An Cafe (a.k.a. Antic Cafe/Antique Cafe-->basically your choice xD)
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"Nyappy in the World 2" - An Cafe (I heartses this song to death ^.^)
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doyoubi, nijuusan nigatsu nisenhachinen
(Saturday, 23/02/2008)
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"Cherry Saku Yuuki" - An Cafe

::!!!Registration Nyappy!!!::

I'm officially going to Fanime to watch An Cafe! Registration Nyappy!!! 0(=^.^=)0
The concert is a first-come-first-serve audience compacity, meaning I'll be waiting in line all day xD but I've been talking on a forum with other fans that are going, so it'll be fun.

I've gotten into a groove for track. I think I'll be able to improve a lot in the next few weeks, plus one of my good friends just joined the distance squad as well. [lolz, 'squad' xD]

I actually plan to do homework today...I can't remember the last time I did homework on Saturday xD but I'm really gonna start cranking on my Japanese computer program. I want to be able to talk to An Cafe a bit in Japanese at the autograph session ^.^

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"Ryuusei Rocket" - An Cafe
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(haha, talk about my fastest post ever!!! =D)

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