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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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(Tuesday, 19/02/2008)
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Yesturday was a pretty productive day...I looked up Japanese college courses I'll be taking next fall and spring to get ahead. I also sent an e-mail inquiring about a cultural homestay trip to Japan for 3 weeks next summer (2009).

I need to find a monologue for 'Professional Drama' tryouts Wednesday. It's basically auditioning for the fall play next year, only rehearsals will be an actual course, versus afterschool.
I'm also signing up for Web Publishing 1 offered next year. That should be really fun. It's learning how to create and upkeep a website with html, java script, etc. Good stuff. ^.^

I'll be able to get my liscense (sp?) by the end of March. I can't wait for the freedom of driving myself.

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