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Thursday, February 14, 2008

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(Thursday, 14/02/2008)
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::that right there--that's hot::

Well, I haven't started my homework yet...and it's very late xD
The Chinese exchange students are gone *sniffle* They were driven down to Hollywood, etc. and get to go to Disneyland for Valentine's Day! OMG they would be so cute to watch ^.^ And one of the guys was soooo hot! Gah, he wore a suit to their going away party. So tall and slim *googoo eyes* but I didn't get a picture *mah* He was one of the students crying while saying goodbye to his host family. So cute and sad at the same time ^.^
Anywho, in other news, I was going to pre-pay to send someone a Valentine's smoothie but forgot my money T.T *epic failure*
And I keep having panic/anxiety attacks in track when our coach says she's going to time us. I just get totally stressed out cuz I'm still the slowest and new member this year *sigh* it gets to the point where I can hardly breath and my pulse sky-rockets. Not good =.= I think it's just something I have to get used to, right?

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Just doing a random shout-out today:
:Kuroneko-sama 4: I love Maple Gunman as well!

Thanks for understanding how I feel as well, everyone who commented suffering (harsh word? lolz) from the same dilema...

To answer your question: I'm going to be making a cosplay outfit of Miku from the pv (promotional video) of An Cafe's "Ryuusei Rocket" for Fanime in May.

Wow you have been gone from theO for a while! Welcome back ^.^

hardyhar, yes I did mean juuichi instead of ichijuu--silly me and my rushing xD

Ha! I have never sewed anything before in my life, so making the cosplay will surely be a learning experience. At least it's just normal clothing I'm making (if Miku's wardrobe can be considered normal...) ^.^

Ha! That's so awesome. Landis...I'm not sure if I've gotten that far in Final Fantasy XII yet...

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