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Monday, February 11, 2008

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getsuyoubi, juuichi nigatsu nisenhachinen
(Monday, 11/02/2008)
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I feel like I'm getting a cold...me no like *pouts* but...
No school today woooooah!!! Happy Birthday President Lincoln =D

So my mom helped me figure out how to work our new sewing machine, meaning I'll be able to make my cosplay for May soonish *joy*

I was really in a downer mood yesterday. It's just so hard for me to be sociable/outgoing/talkative/whatever and I'm very indecisive...which means I don't have any close friends at school *sigh* but I feel better today. Amazing what a good night's sleep can do for you, ne?

Everyone have a great Monday!

Ooop! And Nyappy Belated Birthday to Takuya of An Cafe on the 9th! ^.^ He finally ain't a teen no more lolz =D

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My birthday is March 8th, but everyone except my family seems to always forget xD Awh! I've actually never recieved a birthday ecard on Otaku, so I'll look forward to it. yup yup ^.^
haha, yeah I'll definately post some music up of the famous Chinese pop singer eventually, but for now I'm keeping my pink An Cafe for Valentine's Day ;p
Yeah, I've heard Cantonese and Mandarin are the two big languages in China...and my aunt knows a whole different language. It's soooo adorable hearing my baby cousin say 'milk' in Chinese ^.^

Seriously? What land in Final Fantasy XII do you share names with? Haha, that's totally awesome!
The exchange students sang the New Year's song in Chinese. They're visiting from Bejing (sp?)

Yeah, I know track is just something I have to get used to, and I'm determined to get back into shape, so it'll all work out in the end ;)
Banapple? what the what? lol, that actually does sound yummy xD

zomg I just noticed you're an Otaku Legend-->have you been so for long?!?! Congrats either way ^.^
lol, yes mouse seems much cuter than rat...plus that's what the Chinese exchange student said when I asked her what year it was.
haha, yeah Valentine Grams is kinda a cheesy thing in high school, but I think I'm gonna do it just for the heck of it xD Besides, who doesn't like a smoothie?
thanks for the good luck concerning track ^.^ lolz! And that's for the early birthday wishes as well. I'm not very good at remembering them either, so no worries ^.^

:Kuroneko-sama 4:
hehee, yesh Hello Kitty has definately snuggled her way into my heart these last couple months ^.^
I don't know how many times I've watched that An Cafe Engrish video. Just cracks me up watching Miku crack up at himself xDDDD gotta love An Cafe.
Oh! Nyappy Birthday to Takuya on the 9th as well *adds the info to post*
Thanks so much for commenting twice in a matter of minutes!!!

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