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Sunday, February 3, 2008

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doyoubi, ni nigatsu nisenhachinen
(Wednesday, 02/02/2008)
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"BondS ~Kizuna~" - An Cafe

::I wish it'd stop::

So how is everyone doing? Good I hope.
Well it's really windy in Cali right now. I don't mind it as long as I'm inside. In fact, it helps me fall asleep...I love the sound of the wind's power...don't ask xD

I went on a long run today. We were assigned 6-8 miles for track, so I ran to my church and back. I thought it'd be enough, but my dad said it was probably only about 5 miles =.= then again we thought we were taking half a mile walks when they turned out to be a mile and a quarter walks...

I don't feel too well. Not because of the running-->my stomach just trips out sometimes and gets really bubbily-gargily, which makes for a very uncomfortable night. On top of that I've been having shocks of pain which is annoying, but I don't like taking medicine, so there you have it.

My parents faught again. Arguements about the past again-->always the same things. I wish they'd stop. Sometimes I even ponder what it'd be like if they split. I mean, no kid would want their parents to do that, but I wonder if it would be healthier for us. It's probably me being selfish...but I'm scared what will happen if I go to a far-off college. I'm the last of us three siblings, and I graduate high school next year. I'm the last to hear their arguements, to see the hurt in my papa's eyes, to use all my strength not to charge upstairs and tell them to stop, to hear my mama quietly crying upstairs or sleeping downstairs just to be nearer to me. I guess I'd just rather be here if they do split, rather than hearing about it if I do go off to college instead of attending a local one. I'm just scared to try to help...I think I could, but would it really be my place to step in? I don't know...I'm so lost. This always happens, and I wish it would stop.

Sorry this post turned out on the downer AND so long again!!!!-->on a happy note I finally get to go to Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento tomorrow. I've been just itching to go there for foreverz.
Plus I put a new song on my site (and avatar/icon) ^.^ as you've noticed I'm sure. I'll probably change it every few posts so you guys can get a proper introduction to An Cafe lolz

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inkenyo 2.0
Yeah, it's so rewarding being able to make our school's Japanese exchange student feel a little more at home. I love being able to make her happy in showing her I'm making an effort to learn her language.

:Grey Wolf:
lolz! "bloody hell" always reminds me of Ron from the Harry Potter movies-->he says it aaaaaaaaall the freakin' time!!!
lolz, yeah those 'total gym' things are a bit freaky...especially if chuck noris is promoting them o-O
ZOMG JAPANESE GUYS ARE SOOOOOOOOOO HOT! I seriously do stalk them-->with my eyes! oh what now xDD but yeah, Asians are the hottest on the planet, I'm not gonna lie. =D

Thanks so much for the encouragement! omg you're the best! *glomp* I try to generally keep an upbeat attitude-->life is too short to be down too much.
OMG it's so cute how the exchange student reacts to the notes in Japanese! With her cute little Japanese accent and her drawing smilies. Too cute.
Well, not too many people have heard of An Cafe. After all, they are still only on an independent label. But I <3 them! (lolz, can you tell?) Glad you liked the video.

sora kairi 4ever
yup, excercising can be painful-->but 'no pain, no gain' ne?
Wow! So is your grandmother Japanese or did she learn the language?
Haha, writing Japanese is so much fun! Hiragana and Katakana I can totally handle...but I don't even know where to begin learning Kanji @_@ That's a while from now though ^^;

Ooo! Good idea with the heating pad...I'm gonna have to dig that out for those nights when my legs are screaming at me xDD
Wait...'Danka' is German for thank you? Or am I just imagining? lolz, anywho, yup yup you're in my post again! *throws confetti*
Gah, I love that quote of yours! So meaningful ^.^

Haha! You know, I always seem to loose weight during the week, then gain it all back on the weekends since I find myself snacking when I'm bored at home xDD not a good habit!!!
OMG you finally ate cake!!!! YAYZ! Cake always makes my day nyappy happy (^.^)v
Unfortunately Rio has never heard of An Cafe *sniffle* but she's interested in hearind them! So I've gotta take my iPod and let her have a listen yup yup! ^.^ She even asked more about the concert they're having in May when I gushed a word about it to her xDD
Nope you shouldn't feel ashamed about not wanting to drive. I didn't until a little while ago, which is why I'm behind everyone else my age getting my liscence.
O-O you're not old enough? Woah what?!?! I always thought of you as older than me...lolz, shows how oblivious I am, ne? xDD I have high respect for you though, so I guess that contributes to me perciving you as older.

demon dragon
umm about the track comment, both pretty much. They're practically whipping and I'm trying to work hard for my coaches as well as myself.
Oh yeah, I totally know what you mean about returning from work. Being a cashier is not fun when you're doing it all day @_@ but I'm on break for track THANK GOODNESS otherwise I would probably be bedridden by now.
Haha, I just laugh at stuff after the fact. The next day I thought it was funny that I kept waking up cuz my legs hurt. Yesh, I'm weird. I don't know how many times I suddenly think of some random thing and laugh out loud to myself in front of everyone...which makes me laugh harder with all the weird looks I get. Talk about chain reaction xDDD
Gah, I wish I could actually house an exchange student! It would pretty much be amazing, but my parents don't think it's a good idea since we technically live outside of my high school's district and I could technically get kicked out of that high school if they found out where we technically live. I hate technicallities =.=
Ooo! Someone to ask! *bwahahaa! cough* When did you start learning kanji? I mean, I'm just curious how one goes about learning it, since it's not like learning Hiragana/Katakana...or is it? Just curious ^.^
LOL! Finally someone noticed how long it takes me to write up a post xDD Lately they've been way too long to begin with, but I'm a person who is very easily distracted online...so yes...this post is actually about to hit an hour in the process hahaa! Rediculous stuff xD
Yay nyappy! Lolz, that just made my day *goes skipping around the computer room*

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"Tekesuta Kousen (テケスタ光線)" - An Cafe
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