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Thursday, January 31, 2008

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An Cafe (a.k.a. Antic Cafe/Antique Cafe-->basically your choice xD)
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"Nyappy in the World 2" - An Cafe *paused today for a video b(^.^)d*
suiyoubi, sanjuu ichigatsu nisenhachinen
(Wednesday, 30/01/2008)
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"Supper Rabbit" - An Cafe

::I'm dying...I'm just::
::...dying xDD::

Tuesday we had to run in the rain and partial snow around neighborhoods...and on railroad tracks :[ lol, but I learned some excellent core excersices for my abdomens. The funny thing was when I started doing them I automatically though 'yummy miku tummy' xDDD I'll be doing some more before bed today, definately. lolz! I'm such a dork.
Other than that, my legs are screaming at me. If I sit for long periods of time I can't even walk very well and last night I kept on waking up when I'd move in my sleep because my leg muscles hurt so much--oh the pain!
I'm not complaining though-->I find it hilarious...which is kinda weird, but whatevs xD And it's nice getting back into shape. Good feeling. b(^.^)d

The Japanese exchange student I've been exchanging notes with at school got sooooo excited when I left her a note that was practically all in Japanese, oh it's so cute xD So motivating to learn more! Oh!!! Oh oh oh! And I drew the little An Cafe nyappy smillie guy and she asked in her note back if Americans used it too since her friends in Japan draw it as well. Makes me wonder if she listens to An Cafe--must ask her! (^.^)

Awh, again nothing interesting to post, sorry xD But thanks for 8 comments! That's the most I've gotten in a long time o-O

**Info on An Cafe Reposted**
May 25th 2008 at Fanime in San Jose, California! It's the closing of the Nyappy Go Around the World Tour 2008.
If you want more info on it, just pm me and I'll give you a few links with more information (ie. confirmation from An Cafe, Cafekko meet-up at the convention, official convention site, etc).

!!!Movie Time!!!
This is currently An Cafe's most recent single. I love LOVE it! DAISUKI!!! lol xD Anywho, I really wanna cosplay Miku in this 'costume' when I *hopefully* go see An Cafe in May! Hey I rhymed! xD wow...that looks like I totally spelled it wrong o-O rhymed? Gah, just watch the movie if you're interested ^.^v
Ryuusei Rocket

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lolz, I get tired really quickly right now as well-->must get in better shape! There's a girl in my grade that can run the mile in, like, 5:30 minutes O_O

Ha, I haven't been a sports person in *counts on fingers* three years? Yeah, I think that's right xD So I'm really feeling the pain right now. Thanks for the good luck!!!
ROTFLMAO! Yes indeed then we could have a monsterous bubble bath! Omg I haven't had one of those in sooooooo long *dreams of one* Hmm, I'll use that thought to distract my mind next time I'm running in freakin' freezing weather!
Turned 16 a month ago? Ha, I'll be turning 17 in March-->that's pretty bad just barely starting to drive now XDD I just better late than never though ^.^

Ha, yes a ton of running. Tons and tons. Ouch, yeah I understand it's tough coming back to a sport after being sick. Totally not good. I hadn't run for, like, 6 months before joining track xDD talk about shock to the system! But thanks so much for the encouragement ^.^ It's most appriciated.
Haha, I can't even imagine learning how to drive in a minivan! Crazy stuff, right there xD

Yay another track lover! Group Hug! Oh wait...there's only two of us xDD Group hug anywho! *hugs* hehehe, yummy miku tummy *snicker* I'm okay! *shifty eyes* >.>
Congrats on having your liscense for so long! Yeah, I know I'm on a very late schedule xD

Grey Wolf
Haha, happy driving in Oklahoma! Just don't get caught! lolz

sora kairi 4ever
Ooo! Look RikuisHOT another person who enjoys running! Now we can have a group hug!!! *hugs* lolz
Good luck on your science brochure thingy!
Haha, and yes the stress comes when parents are chattering off about driving tips--be quiet and let me drive!!! hahaha

Don't have your permit and you're 18? Well, good news for you is you don't need one! ^.^ When you turn 18 you get to skip all of the courses and classes and get to go straight to the written test and driving test!

Hehe, yesh it's worth is for a nice tummy ^.^ Plus I actually really enjoy the weight training part of it-->tis my favorite!
lolz! Yes yes-->I'd be happy to co-found an organization to donate unneeded fat if you'd like to pursue that with me in the future xDD
You don't drive? Awh, maybe someday (what's the driving age in Canada, by the way?) ^.^ I'm mainly just learning to drive so I can drive myself to school and back so my dad can get more sleep-->he works two jobs at night >.< then has to come home and take me to school, sleep for a few hours, then pick me up again. Not healthy at all!

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"Ryuusei Rocket" - An Cafe
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