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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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getsuyoubi, nijuuhachi ichigatsu nisenhachinen
(Monday, 28/01/2008)
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::OMG Miku is the shiznit::

So today (Monday) was the first day of track conditioning ^.^ I was pretty slow since I'm majorly out of shape but everyone was really nice-->Plus the head coach is my Pre-Calculus teacher and he's awesome. I'm hella tired though and felt like I was going to faint after the last part of weight training...after the running...after the opening excercises. I can't even focus on the English introduction I'm supposed to be writing!!! But hey, haha, I might have a yummy tummy like Miku after a few weeks of this, yeah? xDD
Uhh, ooo! I've been driving on the weekends! Even in the rain! Finally using that permit I've had for about 7 months now xDD Driving was so stressful at first and I still freak out occationally, but for the most part it's okie-dokie-smokie!! Not to scare any of you about it though. You're reading the post of a gal who gets terrified riding a freakin' bike lolz But it'll just open up so many freedoms once I get my liscense, you know?
Well, nothing really interesting to report xD

**Info on An Cafe Reposted**
May 25th 2008 at Fanime in San Jose, California! It's the closing of the Nyappy Go Around the World Tour 2008.
If you want more info on it, just pm me and I'll give you a few links with more information (ie. confirmation from An Cafe, Cafekko meet-up at the convention, official convention site, etc).

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demon dragon
lolz, yes yes, that's why I keep saying nyappy xDD Just one of my quorky little obsessions again =D
And actually our school has a cross country program and a track program so it's pretty intense. We run all along canals and stuff that are behind the school. There are some really fantastic views!
Oooo! A short little Japanese lesson is always appriciated *writes it down on a flashcard* ;)

Awh, I hope your cake-craving days are finally fulfilled soon! xDD
Yeah, I'm massively out of shape for track, since I haven't really run consecutively after P.E. ended last year, but by now all I can do is get used to the workout as quickly as possible. *determined* hardyhar =D

the next FLCL
lolz, speaking of 'instant' I HATE microwaves!!! They make everything taste absolutely disgusting. Everything except popcorn and oatmeal xD

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