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Saturday, January 26, 2008

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An Cafe (a.k.a. Antic Cafe/Antique Cafe-->basically your choice xD)
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"Nyappy in the World 2" - An Cafe
doyoubi, nijuuroku ichigatsu nisenhachinen
(Saturday, 26/01/2008)
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10:31 en la man(accent on 'n')ana for once! (in the morning)
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"BondS ~Kizuna~" - An Cafe

::Weeeee! *dance dance*::

Okay, first things first before I forget xD
A few of you asked what program I'm using to study Japanese. It's called *looks at the box*
"Instant Immersion: Japanese v2.o" from Samsclub for $15.67.
Okay, onward to my post! So it was my mom's birthday yesturday ("Happy Birthday Mama!") and so we bought a cake from a really good bakery near my high school and later went to dinner at Tahoe Joe's. Back home again, we watched Swing Time starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I love those old dancing/singing movies ^.^ Today we're heading down to family in Sacramento to celebrate her birthday with everyone else.
Monday is the start of official track practice for me! I'm excited, but scared as well since I'm still well out of shape >.< But the competing season doesn't start til March. I have a month to get in sharp shape xD
ZOMG I ALMOST FORGOT! IT WORKED! I GET TO SEE AN CAFE IN MAY! (concert info below) The ol' belated birthday present being a ride down to San Jose worked! ^.^ As long as I find a friend to go with, which I've told my freshman friend Connor about it since he's an avid An Cafe fan as well ^.^ I'm happy. I don't mind paying for the ticket at all either--$50 is nothing to me if I get to see a Japanese band lolz I so hope some of you can go if you're An Cafe fans! I think I'm going to be carrying a "myOtaku" sign around or something so I can meet some peeps on here. lolz, I'm such a dork xD

**Info on An Cafe Reposted**
May 25th 2008 at Fanime in San Jose, California! It's the closing of the Nyappy Go Around the World Tour 2008.
If you want more info on it, just pm me and I'll give you a few links with more information (ie. confirmation from An Cafe, Cafekko meet-up at the convention, official convention site, etc).

:Response to Comments:

lolz, yeah I just bs answers at times too. It's funny when you get the teachers that just mark down that you've done the assignment when really I just wrote a paragraph about how I didn't think that they read what we write and that they should circle the sentence about a pony I had written in the middle if they truely read it. They never circled the sentence, and I got 100% on the assignment. Hilarious....but what does that say about some of our teachers? o-O

Ah! Procrastinating before finals?!?! Shame. Jk!!! xD Good luck on your upcoming exams!
haha, I find it completely amusing that An Cafe just stuck a California date in their EUROPEAN tour, but hey it means I get to see them, so it's all good lol
But yeah, a lot of bands seem to love Europe. I don't blame them, it's supposed to be beautiful over there, and my brother is loving it through his studyabroad college program.

I know there were more comments than that, but I feel my post is getting extremely long again with all of my jibber-jabber, so I'll stop before I get deleted from all of your friend's lists xD

:Listening To:
"Super Rabbit" - An Cafe (why does it sound like Miku says "Super Lover" instead of "Super Rabbit"? xDDD I <3 Japanese accents!)
:Time End:
11:28 en la man(accent on 'n')ana xDD

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