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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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An Cafe (a.k.a. Antic Cafe/Antique Cafe-->basically your choice xD)
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"Nyappy in the World 2" - An Cafe
nichiyoubi, nijuu ichigatsu nisenhachinen
(Sunday, 20/01/2008)
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"Nyappy in the World 2" - An Cafe/watching Life After People on the History Channel xD

::MUST SEE *twitch* AN CAFE *twitch glitch*::
::lolz, Miku is sooooo kawaii::

Not as long a post this time, pinky promise-->but thanks so much to those who commented! Tis most appriciated.

So the other day I finally saw a few clips on Bou's last live with An Cafe. I wanted to get to know the band before watching any of it (yeah, I'm mental xD). It was soooo sad how much they were all crying! They're still so cute though. =3 I don't get why people hate Takuya and Yuuki--I think they're excellent additions to the band! Anywho...

May 25th 2008 at Fanime in San Jose, California! It's the closing of the Nyappy Go Around the World Tour 2008.
San Jose's a few hours away but I might be able to convince my parents (mostly mom) into letting me go if I pull the old 'can I go as a belated birthday present *pretty please*' trick.
If you want more info on it, just pm me and I'll give you a few links with more information (ie. confirmation from An Cafe, Cafekko meet-up at the convention, official convention site).

Hope everyone (in U.S.) enjoyed Monday off. I just finished homework 30 minutes ago xD Yay for procrastinating!

:Response to Comments:

lolz, pink reminds me of An Cafe as well xD Them and Miyavi, of course haha.
Oh really? Junior colleges allow, I think, any high school student to take summer courses...well, at least juniors and seniors...
Thanks for the good luck 0(=^.^=)0

Well you should go check An Cafe out! lol, they're cute and their music is very entertaining. My Japanese friend Rio I mentioned is an exchange student at my high school right now. She goes back home in June, but yes I do hope to keep in touch with her, not to mention visit her in Japan! ^.^v
I live in Northern California.

Hey thanks about the site theme comment--it seriously took forever!!! >.<
No, I don't have AIM, but I have hotmail instant messanger. Pm me if you're still interested, mkay?

Yeah, like I said earlier, I don't know what people have against the new band members-->An Cafe still makes awesome music! And they're still so fun-loving. Then again, Bou was already gone by the time I got interested in An Cafe, so I don't have the months/years of being a fan either.
Haha, I think all of us feel greatful of not being born in Japan after hearing about the school program/schedule xDD
And yup, a big hoorah! to Martin Luther King

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"Hatsukoi" - An Cafe
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